Day 124

I’m TRYING to get around to blogging.. but I’m having typing issues with my sore pinky 😦

This is so hard, and it’s so much worse now.. So gross. Ugh.

So anyways, today I had carnival. I’m not gonna type much (or try not to) cause this is really difficult. But yeah, it was a good day besides the rain in the morning. Oh, carnival itself though was a bit ehh due to the disrespectful (no respect for women) Hindu men.. I’ll explain more tomorrow when my pinky can type hopefully. Just hope I remember to! I’m sure someone can remind me, right?!?! *Glares at you all..*

The story with my pinky is, Marcus dropped Eddie & I off at the skytrain station after work, when getting out of the car, I some how managed to jam my finger in the door. It closed entirely. Not just hit it and bounce back, no. It closed. Took me a few seconds to process “oh, my fingers in the door..” it didn’t hurt… I was just confused.. Then my first thought was “Oh shit, he’s going to drive off, WITH MY FINGER!!” so I managed to open the door quickly, then I walked over to the curb to Eddie and I go “dude, I totally just slammed my finger in the door” & I lifted my finger up to have a look and woah, just started bleeding like mad. Then I was dripping blood in the skytrain station. Pretty gross. Eddie said it couldn’t get anymore dirtier anyways LOL. So we went and found the skytrain man on duty & he got the first aid kit out and Eddie put on the gloves and went to fix it up haha. Eddie has his first aid thing apparently. The skytrain man knew nothing really, he couldn’t even put the bandaid on the right spot.. So Eddie did it all. CHEERS EDDIE!

We got on the train, then I got off at my stop and got on the bus, I wasn’t feeling good.. it felt like SUCH a long trip to get home but at the same time felt quicker than usual like I don’t even know. I think I was feeling really light headed..? But I got home, showed Heidi. Put ice on it.. then went upstairs to ask for some medicine πŸ™‚

End up having a chat with Jacquie about everything, got some medicine, she put some antibacterial cream on it with a bandaid, but that’s currently come off cause I noticed the bandaid went red, gross. So I’ve got a tissue over it atm it’s just not stopping bleeding. I did this around 8pm, it’s now 1.30am… that’s not good. I don’t want it to bleed all through my bed. Ew.

Not a very good photo.. but still ew.

OH. I also asked if I could possibly get a hedgehog, land lords said yes! I’ve also found a free one, just gotta work out when and how to pick it up! ZOMGZ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ SO EXCITEDD

Okay finger aches. NIGHT!

(ps, I typed this all one handed and it didn’t take too long :|)

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