Day 125

Woke up today at about 11 or so? I wasn’t keen on getting out of bed cause I knew there was no milk for cereal, and no bread for toast.. and no eggs either! It was terrible. But I got up to go to the toilet anyways, and I noticed Heidi’s bag was still on the chair, so I was like did she go to work?? So I sent her a text.. Then when I came out of the bathroom, Heidi & Dom came out of their room and Heidi goes “Nup, I didn’t go to work :)” She called in sick and told them she was throwing up. LOL!

Then she asked if I wanted to order a pizza as well, cause that’s what they were doing.. for breakfast / lunch. Due to our lack of food! So, we ordered pizzas. LOL. They didn’t come until about 1 though, (we ordered at about 12). It was yummy pizza. We only ordered small ones. It was good cause I got a whole small pizza to myself šŸ˜‰ they had to share theirs!

Then we spent the afternoon watching all three movies in the Twilight saga! So, I’ve finally seen Eclipse. Heidi was the one who suggested we watch all three.. but they complained the whole way through about how boring and annoying the movies were. It was really annoying.. The amount of times I had to tell them to shut up.. Ugh. I pretty much need to watch Eclipse again because I missed a lot of parts. šŸ˜¦

Then we made pasta and veggies and what not for dinner. And that’s pretty much it!

My finger update.. I woke up, took the bandaid off, and it looked like this:

Pretty gross.

But I think it was just all the polysporin stuff I put on the bandaid before I put it on last night to sleep. After I cleaned it up, I left it open all day cause it wouldn’t stop bleeding and I figured I’d just let the blood dry and stop. So I did. And then my nail went bruised slightly. It was totally fine while it was still bleeding.. but now it’s not. But it doesn’t really hurt any more unless I touch/squeeze it or bend it cause it’s swollen still. But pain not really there. But yeah, this is what it looks like now..

Still a pretty crappy photo, sorry D:

But you get the jist, right?

Anywhoo.. So I still need to blog about the carnival yesterday, it was at a Hindu festival or something. We were at a temple. It was free stuff, all day! Yay! I’m turning into Patti and taking advantage of all the free stuff at all these events. LOL. She told me there was candy at one of the stalls, so I went to go find it for everyone haha! Came back with some lollipops! Yummeh. Then Patti went and got a heap more candy too. And she had kids all day giving her packets of their free candy. She’s lucky! LOL. But she shared it all with us šŸ™‚

It was a small carnival too, so it was pretty much me, Patti, Marcus, Eddie, Jen &Ā  Doug and Doug’s daughter James. Jen, Doug & James made a “Subway” run before the festival began, and Marcus, Eddie, Patti & I went for a drive to Patti’s friends place cause she had to pick up something. And I didn’t want to be waiting at the carnival by myself in the rain! LOL. So I tagged along.

When we got back, we were hungry. So they all made me try some of the food there.. Marcus asked them “is there any meat?” and Patti was like “no! there’s no meat!” (They were asking for me) I also asked just to be sure haha. The ladies were like “No! You at a Temple! No meat!” So, that was pretty cool lol. The rice and some of the bread was the only stuff I ate really.. The sauce stuff was really really hot. I don’t like hot stuff. And the bread was kinda weird haha, but I tried it!

What else.. I was working at the bottom of the slide. I don’t like the festivals with the Indians and stuff.. The men have NO respect for women at all and it’s terrible. I guess I have to get used to it cause I didn’t expect them to be like that. But everyone else already knows what to expect haha. But we had one man bring his kid along and I told him his kid was too small to go on it, so he said “Okay, then I go on” I was like yeah okay, if you’ve got a ticket. And he did. So he kicked off his shoes, hopped on and went on. He ditched his kid at the bottom of the slide, with me. So the whole time he was on the slide, I had to deal with his kid.

His kid was hitting me and pulling at my apron thing that I put tickets in to and really fighting me to try and get on the slide. I had to pull him off so many times and try to keep him down. And while I was trying to do that, Jen was at the top (covering James’s break) and you’re only allowed to slide down it twice, and after his 2nd slide, while holding his kid back, I told him “Okay, that’s it” and he threw his jacket on the slide bit near me and goes “No no, one more!” and ran up the stairs. Jen was at the top and was yelling “NO MORE SIR THAT’S IT” The guy was being a real wanker for the two he was allowed, so it was clearly time to get off. But he didn’t. I could see them arguing at the top of the slide, he wouldn’t get back down. Jen eventually moved and let him down for her safety. In case he was going to get physical.. which he probably would have.. And then he slid down, and then stood up and like belly flopped but on his back and was jumping up and down. I was like “Sir, get off! And take your damn kid.” *still holding the kid back* but he wouldn’t get off, and then Jen just yelled from the top of the slide “THAT’S IT, IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GET OFF THE RIDE SIR. PLEASE LEAVE RIGHT NOW!” and he just laughed at her and eventually made his way off the slide, and she slid down and was going nuts at him and telling him he was immature and not even the kids are like that and that we’re no longer letting people like him (or adults) on because they’re more immature than the children.

So it was pretty hectic.

He then lost his kid later during the day I noticed. He was such a loser.. But he found the kid eventually, don’t stress.

And then we had an issue with another guy who put his kid on the slide just to stand/jump on because it was too small to slide down, it would have been okay (cause he gave me a ticket just to sit the kid on it) but he wouldn’t stay on the side with the stairs. Instead, he thought it was better to put the kid on the actual slide part. While kids were trying to slide down. We were like Sir, please move your kid right now, it’s not safe, we can’t let others go down until it’s off the slide. And he just goes “it’s okay, i’m watching him.” No.. you’re on the other side. Get your kid off the damn slide.

Ugh. It was terrible. They were all such losers.. D:

I also had one woman ask me what my education was, after talking to me about the carnival.. It was kinda like she was taking a shot at me because I work at a carnival.. Pretty slack. But I told her I’m in Uni and she shut up pretty much haha!

Okay, I’m going to go.. Not sure if I should put a bandaid on my finger to sleep. Hmm..


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