Day 126


Today I didn’t do anything much really, I spent the most of the day hedgehog preparing! Googled a heap of stuff about how to prepare BEFORE getting a hedgehog. I’m lucky cause it’s already coming with it’s cage and stuff, so that part of it is pretty much done. I think I need to buy it an igloo though, not sure if he’s coming with one. I also need to sort out getting some fleece liners or ‘hedgie bags’ cause it’s supposed to get colder from here on. Also gotta look in to a lighting system apparently, so that he gets 12-14 hours a day of daylight. So some sort of lamp with a timer thing will sort that out.

Oh yeah, so the hedgehogs name is currently ‘Hercules’ but I’m not that fussed on it, so Heidi and I were thinking of names today. I like the name Mowgli.. but I’m not sure yet, we’ll have to wait and get him to see! Not long now! I really hope it’s not some kind of scam thing.. Haha. But I’m pretty sure it’s all fine. Just meant to be, and he’s free!

Spoiler alert! Sneak peak at Hercules/Mowgli, one of the photos I was sent..

Om Nom Nom!!

Thursday night’s blog will be pictures galore of him I’m sure! What do you guys think about the name?? Any other suggestions?? Nothing average like “Sonic” or “Spike” etc.. Something epic! If all else fails, then Mowgli it is 😉

Other than that, Heidi and I went out to get some food, cause our house seriously had nothing.. We just got some fruit & veggies and some milk… I think Heidi & Dom are going to ask Jacquie if they can tag along to go to Costco tomorrow, but I’ll be working so I can’t go 😦

Yep, so I should really try to head off to sleep now, I start at 12 tomorrow. So I’ll have to leave here at about 10.30. I get to make mini donuts with my bummed finger! YAY. Everyone watch out! HAHA. Yummy… 😐


    • neesolay
    • August 25th, 2010

    I reckon you should call him milo haha

    • Mum
    • August 25th, 2010


    You could call him




    anything to do with eating him 😉

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