Day 127

So I’ve decided my video camera is pretty lame.. šŸ˜¦ Such is life. Of all the video cameras, the series I got can’t be used as a webcam on your comp. So therefore, I can’t record directly to my laptop. Lame. Also I’ve always had issues with it and premier.. *sigh* I had a brilliant brainwave that I’m going to have to attempt tomorrow with just the crummy external webcam I have. Not planning to use my built in one, you’ll understand on Friday’s blog I’m sure! šŸ˜€

Anyways, today I had work at PNE again! I worked 12-7. Didn’t feel like 7 hours. Wasn’t bad really. When I got there, it was only one person on and she’d started at 10.30. She was my “Lead” (like supervisor) and yeah. When I walked in, she shook my hand and said “Hi, I’m Veera” and when she shook my hand I got dough all on my hand haha I was like … eww.. what’s that.. oh.. ahaha. Then she goes “Do you know how to bag bee’s??” LOL. Not even kidding. She then showed me how to catch bee’s in bags, because there’s always bee’s in our stand! It’s annoying. I’ll be filling up someones drink, and a bee is flying around my hands.. I don’t like it. A bee went in to someones bottle when I was filling it up too. HAHA. So gross.

No one complained about greasy donuts today, thankfully. But we did get someone complain about the sno cones being a rip off, cause she drank all the syrup stuff, then came back wanting more on the ice & little syrup that was left. Pfft. Overall I think it was a pretty good day there really. I liked the people I worked with today. The other days I haven’t felt as welcomed I don’t think. But I got told today that my Lead liked working with me šŸ˜‰ I’m “efficient” or something I think she said.

Oh, I saw Alexis & Kevin at PNE today too, they came and said hi quickly haha.

After work I went and got my ‘credit’ lunch for the day. Every time a concession staff person works, they get food credit for a burger or fries & a drink. So I got a veggie burger & a drink, even though I’d been drinking coke all day in my stand haha. I didn’t eat it until I got home though, so it was a bit cold. But I heated it up and it was all goood! (I think)

Didn’t go unicycling tonight, šŸ˜¦ Heidi & Dom went shopping with Jacquie to Costco so they weren’t able to go unicycling and it was already like 8.30 when I got home so by that time it was kinda pointless to go there by myself so late. Next week I might not be able to either, unless I go super late..

So tomorrow I’m getting my hedgehog! Supposedly. I’m feeling really anxious about it, kinda like, it’s not real & it’s not going to happen.. For some reason I just have this feeling that we’re going to get there and it’s just going to be like “oh yeah, jokes.” So I dunno.. We’ll see. I haven’t gone and bought anything for it yet just cause I’m feeling like this. So I guess I’ll buy some stuff for it on Friday perhaps. I have like a list;

  • Baby nail clippers
  • Fleece liners
  • Some kind of pan/tray
  • Some kind of Aveeno soothing bath stuff
  • A crappy dollar store tooth brush
  • And possibly some kind of cat toy/ball

Other than that, I’ve got a pretty big box for him to have a play under if he wants, I’ll cut a door/hole through it tomorrow. And I need to find a smaller box to go in his cage cause I don’t think he has an igloo.. Also got some toilet paper rolls, cause apparently all hedgehogs just seem to LOVE toilet paper rolls :|!

I can’t wait to meet him and see what his personality is like, ahh this is gonna be fun! I think I like the name Mowgli best, Nicole suggested Milo, also not bad.. I really can’t decide.. :S

Oh, and I also wanna make him some kind of play pen type thing maybe, I dunno.. somewhere bigger for him to be able to play in rather than his cage. I’ll be letting him out for some time each day but I want somewhere where I won’t have to be watching him 24/7 while he plays, which roaming in the house, I will have to.. You know what I mean?

Yeah, okay, so I’ll shut up now! You’re all gonna hear ALL about him tomorrow! :D:D Night!

    • g-ma
    • August 26th, 2010

    A hedgehog toothbrush, lol!

  1. lol it’s to clean his quills when it’s bath time!

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