Day 128


He’s so epic! I’m leaving his name as Hercules too, cause when we got him from Curtis (the previous owner), he seemed sad to have to say goodbye, and he also said “I just hope you keep his name” so I thought yeah, why not.. D: So! Hercules it is! We considered calling him “Herk” for short, but it sounds weird, so we decided we have a speech problem, and we’ll say “Turk” and “Turkules!” HAHA.

But yeah, Dom & I met Heidi on the bus and we headed to the skytrain. Then we got off at Metrotown, got on a bus, then we were on the bus for awhile.. felt like forever! Finally got to Langara college where we were meeting Curtis. He showed up in his car and we crossed the road and met him at the corner! So exciting!

He took the cage top off, lifted up the green igloo, and huff huff huff! There was little Hercules! 🙂 Well, I shouldn’t say little.. I expected him to be smaller! But he was all round and in a ball and huffing at us like mad! Tryna be all tough! HAHA. I didn’t touch him, cause obviously he’d poke me! But yeah, he was all scared.

We talked to Curtis a bit, not very much, said I’d take care of him and all that jazz. 🙂 Then we got BACK on the bus, which was also very packed.. So that wasn’t very fun. But I got to sit the cage up on the bag spot thing, and stand by it, so while everyone else had to be squished down the bus isle, I only had to be squished at the front hehe.

Then we got on the skytrain, I sat in one of the single seats, with poles on either side, wasn’t really a smart idea.. But I managed. Then back on our bus, stood near the bag thing again even though there was heaps of seats. But I was making sure the wheel in the cage didn’t fall or nothing.

As soon as I got home I put the cage on the floor, took the top off, took the wheel out for space, and then he still was being a bit scared, so I took the igloo out of the cage, and then he went huffy for a bit! But eventually he calmed down, as long as we didn’t make loud noises or sudden movements near him he was okay! I gave him some water in his bowl, and within 5 minutes everything was tipped over and messy and his toilet paper roll toy I gave him was pushed out of the cage! D: So funny to watch him though. As soon as I gave him the toilet paper roll, he basically shoved his head into it. LOL!

He also annointed after licking my fingers! It was kind of gross, but at the same time exciting! It’s a natural hedgehog thing. Annointing is when a hedgehog decides something tastes or smells good, and it licks it heaps then builds up the saliva then spits it onto its back/spikes in order to try and smell like what it was licking. It’s pretty cool, but gross.. Youtube it or something haha.

Om nom nom! My finger was yummy!

No, he doesn’t have a cut up face. He was digging in his bedding, then popped up right as I took a photo! Haha! He’s just exploring! 🙂

That’s pretty much it really, he’s been sleeping I think for a few hours now. He’s nocturnal though! Wake up Hercules! Maybe he’ll wake up when I completely turn off all the lights.. I think I wore him out tho on the trip home and then playing with him once we got home. Poor thing. 😛

So tomorrow, I’m going to go to Walmart, and hopefully a dollar store and try to get that list of stuff I mentioned yesterday, and also try to get some wire storage cube things, to make a cage out of. And some coroplast too, if I get the cages tomorrow that is. Shopping spree for Hercules 🙂 Screw rent! Pfft 😛

Okay, I might slowly head off to sleep now so that Hercules can go for a run on his wheel? Night!

    • g-ma
    • August 27th, 2010

    more photos of Hercules thanks Jess; he’s so cute

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