Day 129


I woke up pretty early today.. It’s Doms birthday, so Heidi was up making him pancakes and yeah. As well as her getting ready for work.. Anywhoo.. Heidi left for work, then texted me right after saying “omg go to the house with free stuff they’ve got heaps out! take Dom with you!” So we went to go have a look, and there was quite a bit of stuff.. We ended up taking a really, really darn big stuffed dog.. which Dom named Rum, cause it’s one of them dogs with the thing around their neck that goes and gives rum to people in the cold or something.. you know? Haha. Also got a DVD player & a sound system thing that’s missing the speakers.. So that’s a score. And for the hell of it we grabbed a mouse/hamster cage & wheel, and a cool little fish tank thing.. Welcome to our farm! Wont use the little cage, but it might come in handy for something for Hercules, but it’s really small for him so I doubt it. And I’m not really fussed on getting a fish, but Dom is I think.

Anyways, after that I decided to head out to go hedgehog supply shopping! I went to Lougheed first, found nothing. But at the dollar store I bought some gloves which may come in handy to pick him up I guess at times.. Then I went to Metrotown, and I went to sooo many of the stores in there, like Zellers, The Real Canadian Superstore, dollar store, etc.. But totally couldn’t find anything there either. I worked out what fleece is though.. I think. Haha. Pretty much it was a pointless day of walking endlessly around the malls! I’m very tired from it and my feet hurt!

So I came home, I got home about 5 minutes after Heidi did. Even when I was on the bus 20 mins after hers. LOL. Skill right? πŸ˜‰ Then her and Dom met me at the house with free stuff, and we grabbed some more stuff.. Heidi grabbed the vacuum cleaner.. I don’t know why. We already have two! >_< I grabbed a tray thing, like a Maccas tray, but slightly bigger.. Cause Heidi’s been saying we need one for under our toaster cause all the crumbs! So that was a score.. I don’t think we grabbed anything else then..

We had some Dairy Queen ice cream cake for Dom, it tasted a bit weird.. Had some more tonight though too and it wasn’t so bad the second time around.. it’s “interesting” I guess.

So Heidi & Dom were going to some show thing at a place.. I don’t even know what it’s called haha, but they basically sat around something (something to do with space stuff) and were on slightly reclined chairs looking at the stars, while there was a laser show put on or something, and music.. Yeah I have no idea.. I wanted to go, but I also really wanted to go see Joan Jett performing at PNE. Which I’d said for weeeeeeeeks now that I was gonna do. So I did! By myself! Yes! I know right.. 😐

So we all got on the bus and train together, but then I got off where I had to go to get to PNE.. The bus was packed, cause there was also a football game on at the Empire Stadium, which is RIGHT next to Playland. So as you can imagine, the whole area was jam packed.. Imagine the Ekka, with the Gabba right next to it.. HAHA. But probably not THAT extreme.. but still, everyone who drove there was pretty silly! The bus couldn’t make it to my usual drop off spot, so everyone had to get off and walk the few blocks!

I’d planned to go through the staff entry, even though I wasn’t working.. I didn’t think it would be a problem, cause every other time it’s been just walk through, but I guess with the crazy crowds and stuff everything was much more full on. So I walked right by and couldn’t bring myself to go do it! Cause I don’t think we’re supposed to go in on our days off, without paying admission fee.. So I went to the front entrance of Playland, and sat there for about half an hour.. before I finally got up and decided to just man up and try to go through the gate. I didn’t think the guy would scan my ID card.. cause then they’d know that I was in the park!! So I basically walked in, and turned around and went back out. LOL. I suck!

So then I just decided to go walk around the outside of the PNE to try and find the guest services place I’m spose to go to buy discounted staff tickets.. But I couldn’t find it seriously, but I could hear Joan Jett playing as I walked around! So I followed the sound, and eventually came to this skate park, right next to some gates that were up. I could hear it great, just couldn’t see a thing. I sat there for about 45 minutes listening! Then I saw two girls in the skate park looking over into the PNE, and I went over and asked them if they could see anything. They couldn’t see anything, but they told me that after 9pm it was only $5 to get in, instead of $20. And for staff, we get $5 off.. So I thought, oh? So will I get in free then?? LOL. So it was still only about 8.45 and I went and asked the man standing by the exit I’d been sitting near, and he was like “Yeah, $5 after 9.” and I said what about staff, would that mean free then after 9pm?? “You staff are you?” yep “then go for it” LOL. So I got in! YAY.

Went straight over to the stage place, found a spot.. and once I did, Joan Jett began playing “I Love Rock & Roll”

Excuse the crappy quality.. and the fail when I zoom in. It’s cause I can’t see what I’m filming/taking a photo of! D:

But yeah! It was good fun! Went to a concert by myself. I guess there’s a first for everything!

Oh, it was also sad cause Joan Jett’s mum passed away yesterday, so she dedicated the show to her tonight. She’s a tough one. But you could tell after she really wasn’t doing well. Like as soon as she finished she basically struggled to walk off stage. 😦 But she still sure put on a show!! Legend! Considering she’s 52 next month apparently.. Wow.

Anyways.. I hung around for a bit after to watch them pack up the stage, there was a bunch of people still waiting around at the front, I guess hoping to see Joan.. That was interesting. Haha!

Then I walked to the bus stop, waited for the bus.. Luckily I was the 2nd person in line pretty much, cause behind us the line just grew, and grew, and grew.. It was insane. I don’t know if everyone even fit on the bus.. and it was one of the longg buses! Then I got to Renfrew station, where I met Heidi & Dom! Then we headed home!

Came home, ate, showered, then I pulled Hercules out to play πŸ˜€ Set him down in the kitchen area again, got more progress with him tonight I think. πŸ™‚ I also picked him up! With a towel of course! Even then I could still feel the spikes! Crazy! I sat him in my lap! every time he turned around I could feel it through the towel and my pants like tickling on my leg! I was so scared he was going to get startled by something and go all huffy and “pop” at my leg. That would hurt!! I think he needs to get used to me, and I need to get used to his spikes! Patience..

And that’s it really! Exciting day. I’m working tomorrow night, so yeah! Late blog tomorrow too.. but probably not THIS late. Night!!

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