Day 130


Today was pretty eventful I guess you could say, I’d planned to sleep in but I woke up at about 10 to my phone ringing, it was Tisol calling for a job interview! Suhweeet! I think I made a really bad impression though because you know when you’re really tired, and woken up, and you have no idea what’s going on? And I thought it was like 5am too, so I was pretty confused. But yeah, I think I made it awkward and terrible! HAHA. My bad! But anyways, job interview on Monday at 2pm!

Basically got up then, then we all headed out to Lougheed to get Dom a phone plan finally, so Dom is now a Fido customer! Haha, just like Heidi! Then we went to Value Village, shopped around. Omg, coolest thing ever, there was a digimon toy – Veemon, pretty large figurine, and he was in a bag that came with Dipsy the teletubby! Which some people may have noticed, is my “character” Ashley is Lala, Heidi is Po, and Sarah is Tinky Winky! LOL. So I was kind of like “OMG. My favorite digimon AND me!” but it was $4, and I really had to spend that money on Hercules stuff 😦 so I bought a wall timer thing, so I just need a lamp now then I can regulate his sleep patterns!

Then we headed home.. I had to get ready for work then. I started work at 7, it was a busy night! Like, real busy. It was pretty crazy. Just full on all night. But we managed! A man also tipped me 50c, for filling up his kids drink.. go figure. But I didn’t keep the tip.. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to?? I tried to ask Francis, but I don’t think he heard me.. he was just like ” ?? put it in the till?” So I dunno, I might ask someone about that next time LOL. Cause I got tipped a quarter last week too.. Wow, 75c in tips! I’m rich! :\

I had to rush home basically tonight. I made the last bus, I had about 20 mins to spare, but those 20 mins were probably the difference between the bus I caught from PNE to the bus that came after that bus.. so I’m just glad I got home. I brought Heidi & Dom home some donuts, cause they wanted $10 worth. LOL. And then I went and showered, then played with Hercules! He’s a funny one. I can feel his spikes through the towel I use to pick him up! he was being all angry in a ball while I held him, and then it was funny watching him trying to un-roll. I think he’s missing a toe on his left back foot too.. :S It’s the death wheel! I need to get him another wheel pretty soon then I think 😦

And yeah, not much else.. I’m tired. Gonna sleep in nicely tomorrow! (I hope!) Night!

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