Day 131

Today I woke up at about 12am, I was super tired from the previous few nights/days so I basically fell asleep.. I forgot to put my retainer in too, that’s how tired I was! First time I’ve missed using it! (excluding being sick one time!)

When I woke up this morning, Heidi was playing Frontierville.. Turns out her and Dom have gotten pretty addicted in the past few days LOL. So I got on too, I’m WAY ahead of them, I’m like their almighty God. To Heidi & Dom anyways, they asked for things and received! Haha! So we all played Frontierville until about 3pm, when we decided to get the bus and go to Guildford mall in Surrey, because they have a Taco Bell there! And Heidi’s been wanting it for ages haha so we finally got around to it! Heidi got some weird looking thing, but she really liked it. I got a cheese quesadilla, cause they don’t really have much for vegetarians! But they make a good effort, compared to some places! Dom got KFC… or “PFK” as it supposedly is in French?? I dunno, that’s what was on the box!

After we ate, we went to the Walmart there, cause it’s 2 levels! It’s good fun. Way better than the Walmart at Lougheed! We spent ages in there, looking at everything. I found some things I needed for Hercules! But I didn’t get them just yet, I’ll get to it! They also have a Maccas in Walmart, and we went there and got our $1 drinks. Heidi asked for the drinks, the guy serving was a bit.. interesting :S she said “can we please get 3 large $1 drinks” and replied with something like “how lovely of you to ask that, of course you may have that!” and the way he talked was just a bit odd haha.

After shopping and food, we went bowling! We each won a game, twas alright. I can never find a proper ball to use, my fingers always get stuck or find it just slightly too tight around the knuckle 😦 or the thumb bit. It sucks! But I EVENTUALLY find a suitable ball to use.. but eh.

We came home after bowling, it was like 9.30 by the time we got home! Then I gave Hercules a bath, that was exciting haha. I was hoping we could clip his nails, but I couldn’t work out how we were spose to hold him, and get a hold of his feet to clip them safely! I really don’t know what to do about it now.. :S After his bath, I played with him in the bathroom for a bit, cause he had nothing to climb on and no where to escape! That was fun lol.

Alexis rang me at like 12.30 tonight and then we went and hung out for a bit. But then I decided I should come home, shower, blog, and get to sleep, cause this interview tomorrow. Interview with Tisol! Wish me luck too! We’re also going to go sign up for the extras agency thing tomorrow. Heidi & Dom are gonna sign up too, I convinced them 😛 Maybe you’ll see us all in a movie sometime soon! 😛 We can hope right?! 😀

Okay, I better sleep.. Night!

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