Day 132

I woke up at about 11, cause I was spose to have my interview today with Tisol, but I got a call at about 12.30 from the guy I was to be interviewed by, he had some medical issue thingy and had to postpone my interview, so we scheduled it for TOMORROW at 2pm now, ah well. Now to be nervous all over again.

I didn’t do much after that, just chilled. Heidi came home, and at about 4.30 I said I was gonna head out to a different Walmart we hadn’t been to yet and buy them storage cube things to make Hercules a bigger cage.. Heidi said she’d come along too, but Dom didn’t want to. So Heidi & I went out to Walmart!

It was a “superstore” Walmart, like not one in a shopping mall, so it was big! And good! I liked it! Felt much more American-ized. Except at the same time, not at all like the ones in America. Kinda sucky. I’ll just have to man up and wait until I get to go to the States next.. D: It only really felt more American cause it had WAY more groceries stuff than the other two Walmart’s we’ve been to. But other than that, the store part was pretty sucky.

We ended up buying some food, even though we didn’t plan to when we went out! But Walmart had good prices, and things were cheaper there than Safeway, so we just got em. Haha! Good fun. I bought Hercules’ cage stuff, and a digital thermometer, and I now know that my room is 1-2 degrees too cold for him right now! I need to work something out for winter stat!

I set up Turk’s (aka Hercules) cage thing out in the living room, it’s very spacious compared to his current cage! I just need to get stuff to put on the bottom & around the sides so he can’t try and climb through the holes/gaps, then I’ll start leaving him in there. I had him in there just so he could check it out, I hope he likes it.. Once everythings in there and warmer/cosier I’m sure he will. I made a 2nd level too, but he can’t get to it without a ramp, and I’m not sure what to make the ramp out of, plus it needs sides so he can’t fall out. So it’s kind of a tough thing, maybe I’ll just leave it all one level, I’m not sure yet..

Heidi and I bought bus passes today too.. we bought concession ones, but then we read the terms and conditions on the back, and you need to show your “valid GoCard” every time you show a driver your bus pass, and the go card if for students only.. which sucks! It’s $46.50 for a concession bus pass, which is unlimited zones and unlimited use! And it’s $80 something for 1 zone for an adult pass. Not happy Jan!

So we took them back for refunds, cause we don’t want to not be able to use them.. You know? Anyways, Heidi got her refund, cause she paid by cash.. But the man told me I couldn’t get a refund, cause I paid with my card! Not a credit card, my debit/savings card thing. I wasn’t happy! He told me I have to go to Metrotown to the Translink place and talk to them and they “should” be able to give me a full refund back on my card. Ugh. And it has to be done before the 1st of the month, so tomorrow is my only day to do so! But tomorrow I have an interview, AND I’m working! So I really have no time to get to Metrotown! But I texted Brodie on the way home and asked him if he’s planning to buy one, and if so, he could buy mine! Instead of having to go to the fare dealer place.. Hopefully he buys mine I guess! I need to know pretty soon though so I know if I have to attempt to get to Metrotown tomorrow :S I think he will though..

And yeah, that’s it really. I also really need to get a phone soon! Blackberry Bold 9700.. why can’t one just fall into my hands? And fall in to my hands already signed up to a phone company, that’s not $1932093209132 expensive.. cause choosing one of these stupid companies is hard. And I can’t even buy the phone until I decide which company I’m going with, because they’re on different band/network crap things! Ugh! Such is life..

Alrighty, I’m gonna try and get to sleep earlier tonight, night!

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