Day 133

It was a yucky rainy wet day in Vancouver today 😦

This morning I woke up to my phone going off, thinking it was my alarm I pressed “ignore” but it kept going.. turns out it was actually ringing. But I missed it. I tried to call it back but it said “this number is not in service” so I have no clue hey.

Anyways, I had my interview at 2 with Tisol. I think that went well.. we can hope so anyways! They asked me what I was looking for, full time or part time etc, then they went over the wages, probationary period, benefits, etc etc. So I think I have a good shot?? I dunno.. I hope so! I’ll know tomorrow morning anyways!

Our plans failed again today, we didn’t end up doing anything that we said we were going to. It was too wet. I was spose to start PNE work at 7pm, and I’d left home at 1pm for my 2pm interview. I figured yeah it’s too wet, I’m gonna go home and wait for work. Cause also, it’s wet. And the PNE is weather dependent, so you’re spose to ring up a few hours before your shift to check if it’s canceled or not. I rang them at 1, but they said it was too early to tell, call back at 4. On my way home from the interview, it was almost 3pm, and they rang me saying it was canceled. So lucky I decided to head home then, instead of waiting around in the rain to find out if I was gonna be working or not!

Came home, and did nothing 🙂 Lucky me. It’s a cold wet yucky day. And I think Hercules might be a bit cold 😦 He hasn’t woken up yet, I don’t know his sleeping patterns yet.. and I’m sure I’m no help to them because he doesn’t have scheduled light hours. I’ve got the timer, I just need a lamp. I also need to go to the Home Depot and get some coroplast stuff to put around the edges of his cage & the base. I think I’m also going to build his wheel from a tutorial thing like this, because that will cost like what, $10.. vs the $20 to buy a “dangerous” one at the shops, and ordering a ‘Carolina Storm Wheel‘ is $25 + $23 shipping.. So no. But yeah, I need to get him sorted out pretty soon, you can feel the weather getting much cooler..

Other than that, today was pretty chilled.. I might bring Hercules out for a few minutes after this, I’m pretty tired surprisingly, and it’s only 10pm. Must catch up on sleep! I missed unicycling last week 😦 and tomorrow I don’t know if I’ll get to go.. Heidi and Dom will, but I’m working from 2pm onwards, so the latest I’d be there is 10.30.. So by then most people have cleared out. Heidi likes to leave there early.. like, 9-9.30, so I guess they still won’t be there.. But we’ll see I guess.


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