Day 134

I’m so tired and sore.. D: Goodnight!

Kidding, I’ll blog! Just for you guys!

Anywhoo, woke up at some random time, I don’t even know anymore. But skipping to the exciting parts, I headed out to work at PNE at about 12.30, and just before 1pm while waiting for the skytrain, I got a call from Tisol! Offering me the job! šŸ˜€ So I start that next Wednesday! It’s like a 8.5 hour shift too, wow. This really IS full time. But I’d rather work a full day each shift than like 4 hours, and waste the whole day on half a day work, you know? All is good!

Anyways, got to PNE, worked. Started off reallyyyy quiet, but eventually picked up. I got a call about half way through from Jen too! I had to ask Veera if I could take the call, I felt so bad having to take a call cause it’s full on “no phones” and stuff right.. but it’s Jen! Carnival!!!! And yeah, she was asking me if I wanted to work tonight for them! So I told her I wasn’t finishing until 7.45, then she said “If I pick you up at 8, want to work until 11?” So I said okay haha. So I missed out on unicycling, but on the plus side, I made extra money for the day!

So I finished PNE, ran and got my free food thing for my shift, then met Jen out front of Playland, drove to the carnival! It was only 2 rides, so Ron & I working. Ron was on ferris wheel, and I got the tubs! HAHA. Doug had been working the tubs until I got there. I don’t mind the tubs, it’s not too hard to do. Probably the best ride there to operate! Besides the slide! šŸ˜›

Tonights event was for a Hare Krishna festival! The people were really nice and polite actually, well all the kids that came on the ride anyways! I liked it! The only thing bad was people got really pushy trying to get on to the ride every time I opened the gate to let people on. But other than that, they were all pretty well behaved and polite! I had several people say “I like your accent!” so that was cool! And one boy said the ride was great and so much fun, and he gave me $1 HAHA. Epic tip! That’s my first tip really, besides the .75c I’ve been tipped at PNE that I put in to the till.. But yeah! Good night I think!

Afterwards I helped Ron, Doug & Jen pack up the tubs, that was interesting. Usually the guys just do it, but there wasn’t any other guy to do it with Ron so we all did it! Good stuff. Haha! Carnival is great. I now officially also have 3 jobs, take that! And yeah, Jen dropped me home at about 12.30, and then I showered and now I’m just laying in bed. Pretty sore and tired and I think my face is burnt, dunno yet! We’ll find out tomorrow.

Anywhooo.. That’s it for me. Night!

*EDIT* OH! I forgot to mention! One kid threw up on the tubs ride! PRETTY GROSS. I had to call Doug, and he came and had to clean it off. It was so gross, all chunky. LOL. Yeah, that’s it šŸ™‚

    • g-ma
    • September 2nd, 2010

    Hey Jess what news! A full-time job now and an exciting eventful life. How’s Hercules coping?

    • yeah, but maybe life wont be as exciting now that i have to work full time! Hercules is okay, i’m scared he’s trying to hibernate though, cause it’s pretty cold in my room, too cold for him i mean.

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