Day 135

Today I woke up at about 11, as I would. Cause I was pretty buggered after working two jobs yesterday! Feels like days ago now though :S. Anyway, when I woke up it was 21 degrees in my room, too cold for Hercules! So I pretty much got up, had breakfast, then headed out to the Thrift store to buy him some much needed supplies!

I found a space heater, but it’s pretty old I think.. It’s loud, I’m just hoping it wont catch fire. I haven’t set it up for tonight though, we’ve got our heating system thing in our house working finally I think. So right now it’s about 23-24 degrees by his cage, so that’s alright! I also bought him his own lamp, and a cake lid thing to make him a wheel! But I don’t think the cake lid is wide enough to use, so I’ll have to find another one elsewhere. Hercules isn’t a little hedgehog haha so he needs bigger!

Heidi met me after work at the Thrift store, then we went home, she got changed, then we headed out downtown to go to the American Consulate thing to find out if Dom can go to America after the 3 months and what not cause he didn’t get the visitors visa, and also to find out so we can let Sarah know about getting hers! Oh, did I mention that?! SARAH IS COMING TO CANADA! TO LIVE! FOR A YEAR! YAYY!! Yeah! I’m excited!

Anywhoo.. We got to the building, at about 4.40. Heidi said it closed at 5, so we were rushing. Turns out, it closed at 4.30. So we didn’t even get to go in. After that, on the same street, we decided to go looking for the place where Eddie told me to sign up for extras work where he’s signed up at, but we couldn’t find the building! But on the way, we passed a crowd of people up a street. I knew I’d read something on Twitter earlier today about something filming on that street, but I couldn’t remember what. So naturally, either way, didn’t matter what was filming, I wanted to go watch!

Turns out it was Supernatural filming! There was a group of fans & photographers all just waiting around. Pretty interesting! I was fascinated. So exciting. I wanted to stay and watch the filming and everything! But Heidi and Dom were bored in the first 5 minutes, so we left. Sigh. I heard it’s filming again there too on Tuesday, so I’m going to go back, by myself. Yeah! Can’t wait til Sarah gets here. She’ll do all that stuff with me! Especially for Supernatural!!!!!!

Nothing else really happened after that. Came home, the usual. Now I’m tired, should sleep. I’ve got PNE tomorrow. Night!

    • melaniee
    • September 3rd, 2010

    heidi and dom, you disgust me. how the hell could you POSSIBLY find supernatural set boring?

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