Day 136


Today I worked at PNE again.. I only have one more shift there for the PNE fair season! D: Ah well! Anyways, I forgot my ID today, so I was stressing! But Veera wrote something down, like forgot ID or something. So hopefully all is good! Cause I got told if you don’t swipe in then you can’t be paid for the day :S so I really hope that it’s all good :S

Anyways. It was pretty busy and hectic. SO MANY PEOPLE WANTED SNO CONES! Apparently 3 other places and their machines were broken.. so we had all these people wanting sno cones. Then we ran out of ice.. terrible! HAHA. Oh well. But yeah, it was pretty hectic. Then Veera had to leave just after 5, and Celina wasn’t in until 6! So we had 3 of us, but no team leader thing! It was crazy haha but we managed.

Anywhooo… afterwards I went to the Home Depot to try and find coroplast, but they didn’t have the right size I needed, and I wanted to get back in time for my bus ticket before it ran out, so I decided I’ll go tomorrow. So I went home. Then I was re-doing Hercules’s cage stuff, so now I think I’ll be able to buy the size that the Home Depot had, and it’ll work. It’s about $11-12ish for one sheet of it. So we’ll see how that goes I guess..

I also cleaned out Hercules’s cage tonight, cause it was starting to smell. In the mean time, I put him in his newer cage thing, even tho he can’t be in there unsupervised cause he can fit through the gaps. But he was hiding in his igloo so I went and kept cleaning/making dinner or something, turned around, and saw Hercules walking around the house! It was so funny. He was just sneaking away. LOL. Lucky I noticed, other wise he would have hidden somewhere in the house! That wouldn’t have been fun!

So I put him back in his little cage, then he started playing on his wheel.. cause he couldn’t see anyone around the cage, so he thought it was all cleared out and it’s wheel time! But, I came and sat back on the couch. And he’s always shy when running on his wheel, he doesn’t do it unless no ones around. I know if I catch him in the middle of the night doing it, he stops and hides. LOL. So yeah, he stopped, saw me, and tried to run back to his igloo.. but he got stuck in his wheel! Like omg. I freaked out! His foot was caught in the hole. It really is a bad wheel! So tomorrow when I go to the Home Depot I’m gonna get all the stuff I need to make him a cake wheel! Let’s see how my DIY skills go! :S

And yep, not much else really. I best be off and do something… Bye!

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