Day 137

Today I woke up, came out to the lounge, and Heidi was awake.. playing Frontierville. LOL.

Then I joined her for a bit, but then we headed out to go bowling! Probably going to be the last time bowling for awhile 😦 The summer free games promotion thing is over, so that sucked 😦 But this long weekend they were having a $1 deal, so $1 for 1 game, and $1 shoe rental. We also had our 3 free games.. so we went in and had 5 games in total!

In the first game, Heidi said “if you get a strike on the next turn, you get a Klondike bar!” Heidi’s been wanting a Klondike bar since we got here! So finally, today was the day, as long as we got strikes on the next go! Dom missed, NO KLONDIKE BAR FOR YOU! I got a strike though! SCORE! 😀 It was funny, Dom spent like 3 games trying to get a strike. But anyway, Heidi won the first game, I won the second, Heidi won the third, I won the fourth.. Dom totally failed! But he won the last game. Finally! So there wasn’t a winner for the day! Cause Heidi and I both tied with 2 games! Ahaha. But it was good times though. Heidi and Dom kept trying to put each others bowling off, and I suggested to Dom that he should run up when she bowls, and stamp on the foul line so that she doesn’t get it. LOLOL. He did it too! And Heidi kinda stopped and was confused for a few seconds before she realized what happened. AHAHAHAHA. Funniest thing ever. So then we spent the last few goes of the last game just doing that to each other. It was good. I’m so cruel to come up with that. But fun bowling times.

Afterwards we went to Maccas. There’s only two more days of the $1 any size drink promotion!! NOOO. So we made use of it! After Maccas, we went over to the Home Depot and finally got the coroplast stuff I needed in order to make Hercules cage properly! It was a big sheet, so the guy at Home Depot cut it/folded it for me so I could get it on to the bus at least. That was effort haha. Then got home, and began drawing lines and cutting/folding etc. Heidi and I did it all! We’re Bob & Wendy! WORKING TOGETHER, WE GET THE JOB DONE!! It was good. Lots of trial and error though, but eventually we got it in, and got the cage secure to hold it all! Running out of zap straps though almost trying to hold the cage together. But it’s all good now. Just need to work out how I plan to connect the bottom level with the top level, and then it’s complete! I’m starting to wonder though, cause I have no idea how he’d get up…… But I’ll think of something eventually.

I told Heidi she could decorate around the base of the cage with whatever she wanted. So she’s making like a picket fence type thing, with cut outs of things from travel pamphlets and what not. So he’s a spoilt Hedgehog! This is the cage set up at the moment, not including Heidi’s decorations yet..

Lucky thing, he has a mansion! I want a mansion!

Anyways, I’m pretty tired now. And we have to leave early tomorrow, I think we’re going to the suspension bridge or something, but Heidi just told me we’re leaving here at 9.15 so I gotta be up! I’m currently sitting in the couch in the dark hoping for Hercules to come out of his igloo and test his wheel, cause I’m not sure if it’s up too high for him or not. But he’s not coming out, so I guess I’ll just go to bed and hope for the best!

Nighty night!

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