Day 138

So I forgot to say yesterday, Happy Fathers Day to my father & step father. It’s only Sunday today now.. so technically, I didn’t forget in my blog days πŸ˜‰

We got up really early today cause we were going to head out to the suspension bridge and stuff, but it was a pretty crummy day. Looked ready to rain. We were at the bus stop and figured it wasn’t worth going today because if we wanted to see anything, we wouldn’t be able to with all the clouds and yucky day. So we decided to wait until a good day. So instead, we headed out to Surrey to go bowling, again! We got to bowling, but it was closed. It was only about 10.20am, and bowling place didn’t open until 12! So there wasn’t much to do! We ended up going back to 22nd and getting on the bus to New West and went shopping at Safeway.

Got stuff at Safeway, then went by Blockbuster so I could talk to WIND quickly. Gotta get a Blackberry soon!!! Ahhh. After talking to WIND for the minute or so I did, we went outside, just in time for the bus. And came home. Just chilled at home all day really. We all played Frontierville… We’re sad. Then we watched another Sailor Moon episode. While watching it I decided someone should make a real life version of Sailor Moon, so I googled it.. Turns out there is! But it’s so crappy, we watched the first episode. It’s all Asian and stuff, pretty bad. Terrible acting and quality and everything! The characters just don’t work being Asian. I don’t care if Sailor Moon is an Asian show, none of them actually looked Asian, so having it with Asians sucked. It’d be good I reckon if they made it like.. in America.. with Americans. Or Canada! HAHA.

Watch episode one here..

We then watched Scary Movie 3 ahaha, I still know all the lines. Pretty sad. Didn’t watch anything after that. Just chilled. Been playing music and playing Sudoku and all that stuff. I beat Heidi in Sudoku πŸ™‚ Just sayin.. Today was so long, cause we were up so early and out and home before 12! Crazy. Very tired now though just cause it was a long day.. Got work tomorrow, last day of PNE!

I feel sorry for Hercules, he no longer gets silence from being in my room. Now he’s out in the lounge here with us, trying to sleep.. but it’s so loud and noisy for him. Poor thing. He’s probably all grumpy. HAHA. Silly thing.

Anywhoooo… that’s it. Night!

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