Day 139


Yeah! It’s pretty sweet. And as for the WIND coverage, I’m very pleased!! I pretty much have almost full reception in our basement suite! I’ve gone into the “away” zone twice randomly though while in my room, but nothing to complain over! I also lost reception going down into the tunnels at Granville station, but that’s to be expected! Other than that, I had great reception on the skytrain and at the stations and everything. I’m happy!

It’s costing me $25 a month currently. Cheaper than what I was paying with Solo, AND I’m getting unlimited social networking! I was spose to be on the $35 thing, and have 500mb data to use, but for some reason he put me down as the unlimited social networking for $10 less.. meh. I think I’ll go in tomorrow tho and see if I can change it or not. If not, no big worries. I’ll change it over next month!

Anywhoo. Today, didn’t do much. I was spose to work at PNE, but I was woken up at about 9.30 with a phone call from Playland telling me my shift has been canceled, cause it was a rainy, wet, yucky day in Vancouver! So instead, I tried to make some effort on my assignment that’s due ON MY BIRTHDAY! But I really couldn’t be bothered, so I kept looking for phones. I eventually got a reply from a guy I emailed the other day AND last night about his Blackberry, and he said he’d take $350 for it. It’s basically in perfect condition, no scratches or anything! So we decided to meet at a WIND store and what not and yeah. They checked it was all good and everything, and everything was exchanged and what not. And all was done!

We had a chat to the guy, Max, while he was reformatting the Blackberry, just so he was certain all his stuff was off there. He’s from Florida, here on a study visa thing. I totally knew when I rang him up about the phone today that he wasn’t Canadian! I said right after I hung up “he’s totally American.” Skill, I can pick accents!

In the store, I realized I still had $12 of credit on my other phone to use up, so I figured I’d call some people. I rang mum, but she didn’t answer. So I rang Nicole next.. She answered! I’m not sure how long we talked for, wasn’t that long. But I used up all the credit remaining! HAHA. And it hung up on Nicole – Sorry Nicole!

So yeah, not much else happened really. I’ve been Skyping with Angie for over an hour, just got off. I’m super tired now. I showed her family Hercules, they loved him 🙂 Haha! But yeah, I’m really tired now. Tomorrow is my last day before becoming officially a full time employee! Gonna make the most of sleeping in I think. I told Heidi I’d go for a bike ride with her too, cause she came out for hours with me tonight to get my phone! Only fair! She’s been begging Dom & I to go riding with her for a few days now haha!

Okay, I’m done. Nightt!

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