Day 140

Kind of too annoyed right now to blog, but I’ll attempt it anyways!

I got up today, and my number still wasn’t ported over from Solo to WIND, so I got changed and headed down to the WIND store to see what the go was. They sorted it all out, and told me the other guy did it wrong and they put another request in for it so it should be done within 4 hours. They also changed my plan from the unlimited social networking to the 500mb of data. So I left all happy, and began downloading apps! So much more to do with all data. I had emails going and everything, it was great.

Came home, then Heidi came home a few hours after. I was in the middle of baking biscuits, with the Bisquick stuff. Om nom nom! So I had them for lunch. Then Heidi and I went for a bike ride. My legs couldn’t do it. I can’t ride up hill, I’d rather walk! It’s too hard! and we spent ages going up hills! We were probably only out for like half an hour though lol, Heidi would have kept going I’m sure, but I was dying. 🙂

Came home, still hadn’t got my number ported over. And it had been 4 hours. So I rang customer service, spoke to a lady who was very nice and apologetic about the issue and left a note on the account for the people at the store to fix it up. Basically, because the first request to port the number was cancelled, I was spose to get a new sim card when they put the 2nd request in. So I headed back down there, again. This time, I left home just after 6ish. I got on a 6.30pm bus, and was at the store at about 6.45. There was a lot of people in there, so obviously it took ages before I was even served. Took awhile, the guy helping me was pretty new. Sigh. So he did something and was like “yep, it’s all good now” so I said thanks, and left. Got to the bus stop, realized it wasn’t working. Whatsoever. So I went back in.

I was a bit annoyed by now, cause it was probably just before 8pm now, and I had to wait AGAIN while he finished serving someone. Obviously I got to line jump the people still waiting, because my issue wasn’t resolved! But they spent another hour or so trying to fix it up, turns out this time in changing the new sim, I lost all my prepaid balance. So he had to credit it on to my account. Then they couldn’t get the data to work, but apparently texting & call could, and I’d have to call tech support or something about the data issue. So I was like yeah, whatever, and left. I was tired as by that time, and very annoyed. So I left. Walked out the door, tried texting. Still nothing.

Obviously I was pretty pissed off now!! So I went back in, “still doesn’t work!” then this family of Asians who had been there waiting for awhile just laughed at me. Not cool. So in the end, they couldn’t do jack shit for me. I have no texting or calling functionality at all. No data. Nothing. And apparently my number ported over from Solo, and is active on the WIND network, HOWEVER!! My Solo phone, can still text & make calls and everything, with the same number, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got little, if any, credit left on it.. So we were all pretty confused. Both guys working there had no answers for me at all, but said they’d leave a note for their manager to try and fix it etc. Cause I have the one number, on two networks.. but only one works technically. Go figure. It’s pissing me off. I’d go in there tomorrow and deal with the manager, but I’m working. So I can’t. So hopefully he gets the note and actually does something about it! I didn’t get out of there until just after 10pm, and got the 10.30pm bus home. I’m pretty annoyed. And I have my first day of full time job work tomorrow! Sigh. Oh, and the guy said something about they’d credit me for all the time I spent there tonight. I HOPE THEY FRIGGEN DO! >_<

And yeah, I’m going to attempt to go to sleep now. I’m sure I won’t be able to. I’m too annoyed! I don’t even know what I’m going to wear tomorrow, pants and shoes I’ve got sorted I guess. But shirt/jumper wise. He said I was very well dressed in what I wore to the interview.. which was my black pants I bought for PNE, converses, button up shirt thingy which you couldn’t actually really see cause I was wearing one of my hoodies over the top! Yes, I wore the hoodie to the interview! It was a really cold day! And it was pouring down rain! But, apparently, I was really well dressed! So maybe I’ll just wear that again.. we’ll see. So yeah, I’m done! Night!

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