Day 141

Today I started full time work with Tisol. I got up super early, left super early, and ended up being there super early! Half an hour early. So I hung out at McDonalds, terrible. The day was pretty slow.. felt like forever. Felt like two days or something. It was also slightly weird/awkward trying to work there, not sure what it is exactly but it’s just not right, I don’t think it’s me.

But, we’ll see how it goes I guess.

After work I bought Hercules a new wheel, and a ball to play with. Let’s hope he likes them! After that I went unicycling, where I was spose to meet Heidi & Dom, but turns out they didn’t bother coming. So I was there on my own, but meh, I hung out with the regulars there. Jugglers have started coming along on Wednesday nights now. I haven’t been in a few weeks cause of PNE, but yeah! So I was juggling with them too. One of the juggling guys was like “so how’d you learn to juggle?” I’m like, I taught myself.. and then he was all impressed. HAHA. Apparently I should come down to their juggling sessions on Saturdays, and fire sessions Sundays. We’ll see!

I didn’t use the rail much for unicycling, considering I haven’t ridden in several weeks. A few of us were all trying to work on our freemounting too, that was funny haha. Tried to learn how to turn properly too, I can kind of wobble the way I want to go. My seat was too low down, but I couldn’t be bothered finding the key thing to change the height, so I’m teaching myself bad habits apparently!

Either way, I finished my slow, strange day, with a fun fast night unicycling! I got home at about 11pm I think. Spoke to Heidi for a few minutes then she went to bed. I’m yet to see Hercules come out and try his new wheel. I hope he likes it haha, it’s better for him! I’m pretty tired now. Going to spend the day at WIND tomorrow I guess, arguing away. Sigh. I’m sick of waiting. If it’s this much trouble to sort it all out/port my number over, then I’ll just get a damn new number. Honestly. Such hassle.

Okay, night!

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