Day 142

Got up at about 10 day, then had breakfast and headed down to the WIND store to try and sort this stuff out once and for all! Got there, and it was the guy who sent in the 2nd request for my number port over. He apologized for the two guys that night who were “new and still learning everything” which are the ones who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my account. So, he did something – not too sure what – but it worked! I could text and get data, so I was happy and left.

Got home, and a few hours later, it occurred to me that I didn’t seem to have the global unlimited texting add-on still on my account.. I rang customer service, and sure enough, it wasn’t there. ANGRY! >_< so I asked him if he could put it back on, but apparently because that offer is a promotional offer for new sign ups, I couldn’t just get it added back on. Sigh. So now it’s been set up as a billing issue or something, and I’m spose to wait for someone from billing to get around to it. God damn! I just shouldn’t have a phone hey.

For the rest of the day, I just chilled really.. I don’t even remember much now, it felt like a long day. We Skyped with Ashley tonight, talked about trips and everything. Then I had a convo with Sarah & Victoria on MSN about our travels. Victoria is now coming to travel around America with us! Sweeeet! Also spent HOURS tonight working out accommodation prices, travel prices, etc. We worked out a basic itinerary and budget thing. Looks like we’re going to need about $1650 for food, flights/train, and accommodation. Then Victoria said probably another $1000-1400 in everything else. I then went and worked out, if I work up until November 17th, that’s another 52 shifts. And basically after paying my rent for 2 more months, bus, phone for 2 months, and I think that was it.. I’d be left with about $1900. So.. I’m pushing it, very much! But I’m pretty sure it will be epicly worth it. But our plan is Vancouver to San Francisco by trains and bus, then San Fran to Los Angeles on train/bus. Then a week in LA, then fly out to Las Vegas for 3 nights, then 2 nights at the Grand Canyon, then 2 more nights in Las Vegas, before flying out from Las Vegas to New York for I think 4 nights?

Only problem is flight home. From New York to Vancouver it’s about $281 on December 10th. It’s $59 to Little Rock on the 10th of December, but if I was to stay there until the 27th or so, it’s over $300 to get back to Vancouver from there. Sigh. I was hoping to make it back to Vancouver for New Years. Maybe I won’t make Christmas in Arkansas?? I have no idea. I don’t know what to do about the last bit yet.. Sarah and Ashley most probably wont come to Arkansas either, saves them some money. But oh well, we’ll see what happens I guess!

I’m tired now, and I’m working tomorrow. So I’m going to head to bed now. Night!

    • amerisis
    • September 10th, 2010

    Oh Hell NO! Not much liking the ending of this blog…let that be noted….

    • i’m thinking i’ll make xmas there, but leave on the 29th or something. same day Kahni leaves really.. back in Vancouver for new years then. but xmas with the family!! just going to cost me a shit load to get home 😦

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