Day 143

Hellooo! I worked again today, it felt like forever.. but such is life. Wasn’t as hard as the other day, but still wasn’t great. I also got a call from WIND this morning while on the train to work, asking me for a job interview. *SAD* D: Anyways, at work, I managed to get a free small sample bag of Innova cat food stuff that’s good for hedgehogs! So I brought that home, and I think Hercules liked it, I heard him nom noming away at his food. He better like it, cause that’s his new meals! HAHA.

Not much else happened really.. Worked allll day. Came home and been planning more stuff with Victoria, then with mum. Planning stuff is so hard. It’s like basically with our itinerary we got the dates decided, and now it’s like oh yeah, what’s the next step….. I think once she’s booked her flight here then everything’s a go. We’ll see.

Going to miss out on the cheap as MGM Grand accommodation though! Ah well. Such is life. We’ll find something I’m sure.. Hopefully. Hopefully everything just works for us hey! We’ll see what happens.. Anywhoo. Super tired. It’s almost 2am, and Heidi’s making me get up and leave the house just after 9am to attempt the suspension bridge again. It’s all up to the weather… HAHA.

Okay, night!

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