Day 144

Hi hi!

Today, Heidi made us get up super early to go to the Lynn Canyon! Dom and I weren’t too pleased to be getting up so early, but we did! Heidi was all excited, and Dom and I were both trying to convince her that it was too cloudy and yuck to go out.. Failed.

So eventually we got out, and finally got to Lynn Canyon. Went over the suspension bridge, really wasn’t very suspenseful. We were expecting more I guess.. like a bigger bridge? But I guess for a free thing, it was fine! We went for the walk around to the twin falls too. Kinda reminded us of Springbrook really.

Then we kept walking until we got down to the bottom of the little waterfall thing, it was really nice down there. This is the place.. it reminds me sort of of that ‘Into The Wild’ movie..

We were trying to skip rocks in the water, I got a couple. Dom eventually mastered it. I couldn’t find enough flat rocks! Heidi had no luck really, and was just throwing huge rocks into the water LOL. It was a pretty cool place though.

Afterwards, we walked all the way back, over the bridge again,

Then we got back on the bus and train and went back to the stop and headed out to the shops.. We figured we were hungry by then so we went and had Boston Pizza for lunch! Pretty cool place. I had some pasta thing, Heidi had lasagna, and Dom had some ribs, which he devoured in seconds. LOL. Twas a pretty cool place.

After lunch, we went to Pet Smart, and I bought Hercules some mealworms which he seemed to really enjoy! Then we went to Walmart, and got some groceries and stuff, and then headed home.. That’s pretty much it. Just chilled at home for the night. We were too full from lunch to have dinner. I made a salad for lunch tomorrow at work. I’m going to be so tired tomorrow, after work, everyone is going to some pet food/nutritional seminar thing.. so I’ll be doing stuff for 12 hours tomorrow. Sigh. So tired. Then back to work in the morning! D:

So I better go to bed! Very tired! Night!

    • g-ma
    • September 12th, 2010

    love the suspension bridge and admire Heidi’s pink cheeks!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest tonight ahead of a big work day.

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