Day 145

Longg day.

I woke up at about 5am, because my phone kept beeping cause things of facebook notifications. Ugh! Gonna have to work out how to turn them off, but leave everything else on while I sleep.. cause some how, not really sure why, I somehow turned my alarm off in the process?? So I woke up randomly, at 8.10am and looked at my watch and thought….. “……..SHIT.” I had to be on the bus at 8.30! Had to leave for the bus at 8.20!! Needless to say, I felt and looked like shit when I ran out the door. I was also VERY hungry. 😦 No breakfast, forgot to bring a fork for my lunch, totally wasn’t awake or prepared.. It was bad! But I made the bus thankfully! So all was good!

Work wasn’t too bad, kind of busy apparently. I’m not sure. I guess their busy is a totally different idea of my busy.. but anyways. Saw some cute puppies come in today, one was a german shepherd pup. The owners got him yesterday, they all looked like Italian mafia or something, and they spent basically $400 on stuff for the dog. Lucky dog, he’s gonna be all spoilt! 😀 Another puppy came in, a labrador, he was fun. And there was a little Gizmo too! Even a bengal cat came in today.. on a leash. Very nice cat though, looked like a little leopard. Apparently they actually have part leopard or something in them too.

I was asked to bring Hercules in next Sunday as well. One of the ladies from another store works at our store every Sunday and said she would even pick me up and drop me home just so I could bring him in his cage and what not. A few of them have never seen a hedgehog, so everyone is curious! So that will be interesting..

Anyways, after work, we all had to go to this seminar for one particular company, and they told us about their food etc and why it’s better for pets and so forth! It was kind of interesting for most things, like basic nutritional facts and stuff, but apparently they were only basic nutritional stuff and most people prefer to NOT recommend the product to customers, cause there’s obviously better products available. Either way, I learnt a lot, and got free dinner out of it! We also got a free pen, notepad, nutritional book, and a travel mug! Sweeeeeeet. If there’s one thing I learnt from carnival, it’s free food and free stuff never hurts! When it’s free, make the most of it! Yep yep!

And yeah, then I got home at about 10, and now I’m super sore and tired, so I’m probably gonna head to bed. Night!

    • Step Dad
    • September 13th, 2010

    Profile settings > scroll down to Set Ringtones/Alerts > Other > Facebook.

    Also in your profiles you can set your phone to ring only for calls at night so emails are silent.

    • i did that, except now all sounds are turned off, even though i’ve got them in the setting set to being on.. it’s annoying.

    • g-ma
    • September 13th, 2010

    Hi gorgeous; think you are settling into your job. How do you think Hercules will cope with the crowd?

    • i’m sure he’d be fine with the crowd, it’s just he’s gonna be sleeping the whole time!

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