Day 146


Worked all day today, kinda. I started at 12.30. I’d hoped to sleep in this morning, but instead I got a call at about 8.30am from a WIND customer service rep because I’d posted something on their forum last night about losing my email icon/option during my network port over issues. And he called this morning to fix that up for me! Made me very happy that WIND does that! šŸ™‚ Dom says WIND and I have a “love hate” relationship. Pretty sure I should just work for them. They should just hand me the CEO position already. Dom also said that’s probably why I got a call from them about an interview the other week, cause they know I know stuff now haha. I wish!

But anyways, I went to work. There was a crazy chick on the train, she kept giving the finger like a crazy person (which she clearly was!) to the skytrain stations every time we pulled up. No one was there. She just clearly had something against the stations.. Go figure. She was a bit spesh.

Work went for agessssssssssssssss. Felt sooooo long. Saw a HUGE Great Dane too. He was a giant. I bet his owners weren’t expecting him to be so big! The lady said “oh yeah, he does BIG very well..” as she paid for his HUGE dog bone. Seeing all the animals come in is actually kind of interesting.

I felt proud today, I actually had advice for someone! It had nothing to do with what we sell, and in fact I clearly lost business for us, but I helped the lady out! She wanted a cage for her rabbit and I suggested building a C&C cage like I did for Hercules, cause she said she wanted lots of space. So I said she could make a mansion out of the C&C stuff! Haha.

But yeah, not much else really. Came home, made food, ate food. The end! Super tired. Gonna head to bed soon. I’m terrible, can’t be bothered washing my hair tonight! Gonna be yuck tomorrow!


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