Day 147

Worked all day again!  Of course. Very tiring, my feet hurt. Such is life though. Had some interesting things today but, it was pretty cool.

Firstly, one dog came in, apparently he’s a “Canadian obedience champion”. His name was Chaos. Really cool dog. The guy demonstrated some of his tricks, he walked forwards, then back, then sat, then spoke, then twirled, then begged etc. Good dog 🙂 He got up on the counter, (not really up up but was standing with his paws up and looking over the counter), and he “spoke” to me for a treat haha. I love when the dogs get up on the counter like that and just wait for the treat. They all LOVE coming in cause they know they get treats!

Another dog came in, called Reese I think. She was a work dog thing for the disabled, the woman with her was in a wheelchair, and there was another lady there with them, a relative I’m guessing. But anyways, at the end of the transaction, Reese was getting all excited cause her favorite part is when she gets to grab things off the counter and give them to her owner in the wheelchair. So that was cool, she jumped up all excitedly and barked for the wallet and then grabbed it in her mouth and basically jumped in her owners lap to give it to her. So cool.

And lastly, one woman I was serving was buying heaps of dog supplies and what not, so making conversation I said “getting a new dog?” and she replied with something I didn’t quite catch, all I heard was “movie” and “Marley & Me” and I missed what she said after that, but she laughed and I was like “…wait, what.. did you say this is for the movies???” LOL. So yeah, she’s a set designer and she was out doing some shopping for supplies for the new Marley & Me movie, it’s a prequel in case you weren’t aware, cause if you’ve seen the movie…….. you’d understand. Haha. It’s called “Marley & Me: The Puppy Days’ I’m pretty sure. But yeah, that was cool, I talked to her a bit about getting into the film industry and what not. She said there’s dry periods, when there’s not much filming.. but she said right now, it’s so crazy busy that they’re actually finding it hard to find people! WHY WHY WHY MUST I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB RIGHT NOW! 😦 But she gave me some helpful information, said there’s PA courses you can/need to take, you have to pay for them. AND you have to pay some companies to find you work, and they get like 4% of your pay. Pretty cool but.. I sold the supplies for the Marley & Me movie 😉

After she left, I mentioned something to Joe cause I was all fascinated after it, and he went on to mention how apparently Jennifer Love-Hewitt came in a few months ago, cause she was filming something down the road at the Vancouver Film Studios and had to pick up something for her dog/s after filming. And also Courtney Cox’s husband apparently came in once too and spent HEAPS on stuff for their new puppy. I’m jealous as, totally waiting now until someone comes in!!

And yeah, that’s it really.. came home, ate, showered. The end! Working same time again tomorrow, tiring. Then I have Thursday off, but I gotta get up and do my assignment pretty ASAP. Then in the afternoon we’re going Value Village / Thrift Store shopping cause it’s becoming really rainy again and colder, and we’re totally unprepared!!

But yes, that’s it! Night!

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