Day 148


Today I went to work, as per usual. It was a very, very quiet day. I spent pretty much all of the day pricing new stock and then putting it on the shelves. They told me I got to put it all away today so I could learn where things were lol it took me agesss to put away one trolley worth of stuff. It wasn’t easy. There’s a new girl starting on Friday too apparently. That’ll be interesting, two new girls. I guess I’m kicked off register now, somewhat fine by me! I don’t want to be up there though helping her, cause I still need help too!

Anywhoo.. Long day. It rained for a few minutes if that around 6, so Heidi and Dom didn’t end up going unicycling, neither did I. I guess I figured it would be off now, but I dunno, I’m sure it was still on! Too late now. Instead I came home, and we watched ‘Into The Wild’.

I spent ages tonight looking up accommodation in NY and flights from NY to LIT and also LIT to YVR for the dates I need. Sigh. Gonna cost me a fortune that I don’t have 😦 Ah well..

Anywhoo. I’m pretty tired now, and tomorrow is my day off. YAY. SLEEP IN! Also selling my old phone tomorrow I think. I got a LOT of emails about it too, kinda just picked one and went for it. So we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

So yep, night!

    • g – ma
    • September 26th, 2010

    I’m so proud of you

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