Day 150

Day off! Yayy!

For the beginning part of the day, I attempted working on my assignment.. not going so great. I’m kind of stuck at just under 700 words and I need 1500.. Damn. At about 2, Dom and I headed out to meet Heidi in New West so we could go to the Thrift store & Value Village in search of winter/rain gear!

When we got to the Thrift store, I found some wheely shoes! You know the ones with the wheel in the heel?? And they fit too! I couldn’t resist, I got them. Now it’s a matter of learning how the hell you’re spose to use them properly! I guess it’s kind of like walking in heels?? It was hard. And at the same time I kept sliding randomly when I took steps! This is gonna be fun to learn. LOL.

Then we went to Value Village, found a couple of jackets and stuff but I didn’t buy anything cause I’m too indecisive to choose what I want. I found another Mr Potato Head thing there too! I always find one when I’m there, and it’s always different. Last time it was Darth Vader, this time it was Transformers or something. I totally want a Mr Potato Head guy with HEAPS of accessories!!! Someday.. Maybe I’ll search that on eBay after this.. Hmm..

Anywhoo, after all that, we headed downtown cause Dom was to meet this guy he’s been chatting with about web design stuff so Dom could do his website and what not. I was also meeting someone at the same place, to sell my Solo phone! I bought the phone for $30, if you remember.. and tonight, I sold it for $50 😉 I think I did pretty well if I might say so myself!

The guy Dom was supposed to meet didn’t end up coming, “family emergency” apparently. Lame. So then we just headed home. On the way home, Dom had Maccas for dinner, and Heidi & I went to Safeway and got a few things. Came home, showered ate etc. Took Hercules out of his cage for a bit, just had him chilling on my lap. With a blanket there of course! Prickly little thing. He’s not very friendly. Well, more like he’s too shy and scared of everything.. I dunno. But we’re trying!

Oh. Also got an email from a guy again regarding Poken reselling.. He reckons he can make it worth my while to resell in Canada, but I’m not sure now. Cause mum isn’t sure. LOL. He’s offering a discount on the price of bulk Pokens. It’s not that great of a discount really… but who knows.. I need to work something out eventually. I want my own business, and/or I want to be freelance in something. I just have no idea what. And I wish I did. I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 to find out..

And yeah, tired now. Working tomorrow. Least I get a bit of a sleep in tomorrow, seeing as I start at 11.30! Alrighty, night!

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