Day 151

Worked again today. Started at 11.30 today, so I got a bit of a somewhat sleep in.. Kind of. New girl started work today, so that was interesting. The day still went long and felt like ages, but yeah, that’s the way it goes.

Other than work, not much else happened really. We watched 1 and a half episodes of Gossip Girl. We’re gonna try and watch all 3 seasons in the next few weeks ahah, good luck to us! Gotta get my assignment out of the way first.

I’m pretty tired now, it’s difficult looking up accommodation stuff. And flights. So annoying. Wish it was all just times and prices we wanted ahaha. I WISH.

Anywhoo, if it’s not raining tomorrow – we’re going strawberry picking..? LOL. We’ll see.. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna rain tomorrow, so yeah.

Alrighty.. Night!

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