Day 152


Today we woke up at about 10.. it was raining, so no strawberry picking! I basically said to Heidi “oh, too wet to go strawberry picking.. let’s watch Gossip Girl all day!” Heidi just said “Okay :D” So, we watched Gossip Girl! I attempted more on my assignment too.. I’m at a mental road block. Mum, help me with some more ideas!?

Also cleaned out Hercules cage too, and then woke him up in the process.. When it was all done, he thought it would be funny to try and get under his wheel? “It’s all good! I’ll fit!”

And yes, I scared him when I popped up to take the photo.. So he pooped himself. LOL. It’s funny.

Anywhoooo.. What else.. Oh, we booked our flights from LA to Las Vegas today too! On the same flight that Mum, Monte, Jordy & Kahni are on! Now we just have to get booking everything else then it’s all set to go! HOW EXCITING!! Countdown is on! Not really, cause I can’t be bothered counting the days right now.. I’m sure Victoria knows..

So yeah, that’s it really. I’m gonna try and head to bed now as I’m working tomorrow, as per usual. I have Monday off though, strangly. WHY COULDN’T THEY GIVE ME NEXT MONDAY OFF! 😦  Oh yeah, 9 days til my birthday.. Or 8.. !!

Night all!

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