Day 153


So today I got to work half an hour early, before it was even opened. It was raining really heavy so I didn’t wanna go stand there and wait, so I went to Maccas. Couldn’t decide on anything I wanted, so I just sat for awhile. Eventually headed over to work, where only Joe and I were there.. Turns out Nicole called in sick, Sandra was spose to NOT be working, but had to come in, and Adam’s basement had flooded so he had to deal with that. So it was only Joe and I! But Joe called Teri in and she brought Sandra along, so eventually there was 4 of us haha.

A lady game in today and opened this catalog thing and said “I spoke to a man on the phone, he’s put this bed, and this phone, up front for me to pick up. I’m in a cab, so let’s make this quick!” I was like “A phone? Uhm, I’m pretty sure we don’t sell phones..?” “WELL THAT’S WHAT THE MAN ON THE PHONE SAID TO ME.” I was like “I have no idea who you may have spoke to then, but we don’t sell phones..” ”Well you better find it! And hurry! I’m paying the cabbie for this!” I was like “Uhm, I’ll just get this girl over here to help you out with it, once she’s done on the phone..” “No! I’m here, you can help me, right now!”

So I went over to Sandra anyways cause I had NO idea what this lady was on about! Sandra came over and was like “You said you were after a phone?? … or foam?” “I’m pretty sure that’s what I just said!” The woman was getting really agro by now, she couldn’t understand why we had no idea what she meant by phone.. She was pointing at the phone in the catalog picture and was like THIS ONE! We were very confused! Turns out, it was a catalog from the store next door.. Sandra walked over to the door and was like “M’am, come here… See that building over there, THAT’S where you want to be..” and instantly the woman was like “BULLSHIT! YOU’RE JOKING ME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. MY CABBIE DRIVES ME TO THE WRONG PLACE, AND I’M IN HERE GIVING YOU GUYS A HARD TIME! OH THAT’S FUNNY. HERE. HAVE A TIP!” And she gave Sandra and I $5 each 😛 LOL! It was funny as once she realized. She pissed herself laughing.. Then she told us she works at a “love” shop and was trying to give us her business card.. but couldn’t find any. Thankfully. LOL.

But yes, that was funny. And we made an extra $5 each HAHA. Oh, in case you didn’t pick up on it, cause I didn’t mention it.. She was somewhat intoxicated, you could smell it on her across the counter lol and it was 1pm… We lol’d at that.

The rest of the day was pretty long, as always. Came home, had dinner, watched some more Gossip Girl. And yeah. Looks like we may have lost our New York accommodation already, we were too late to book! D: Also lost our last night in Vegas at the Luxor.. Might have to just  go with Excalibur, twice..? I don’t know. We need to book things faster!!

Alright.. I’m off. Bye!

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