Day 154

Hi hi!

So, it’s a pretty boring day for a blog. I pretty much spent the entire day working on my assignment. Dedication, I know right? But no, it had to be done. And I think I’m almost to the completion part! Once it’s over with I will be VERY happy! I’m not sure what happens next uni wise though? Meh, don’t really care right now! Just want this one over with!

Other than that, we watched some more Gossip Girl tonight. I think we’re almost at the end of season 1, then we can watch season 2.. Oh boy. I think even Dom is getting in to it.. LOL!

But other than that, I don’t think there’s much else to blog about really. It’s 11pm now, and I have work at 9.30. So I’m gonna head off and go to bed now. I shall catch you tomorrow night! Goodnight!

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