Day 155


Went to work today, as usual. It’s funny, two girls I work with both catch the SAME bus as I do to get to work and what not. Made me lol when we found out. So this morning, I didn’t notice until getting off the skytrain, but one of the girls was there haha. So obviously we’d been on the same bus lol and she went one way at the traffic lights, I went into Maccas, so we didn’t even notice each other properly until we showed up at work right after each other. McDonalds toilets today were disgusting. So bad. Normally they’re pretty good when I’ve gone in there on my way to work, but this was really bad. I guess that’s what happens when you have a 24/7 Maccas open in Vancouver.. Sigh.

Anywhoo.. Work was average, as always. Saw some cool doggies, gave them treats.. the usual. Nothing too exciting to report really. Very tired now though. Came home and showered, then cooked dinner WHILE making a salad for lunch tomorrow too. Skill. Then I sat down and we put on Gossip Girl and I worked on my assignment some more. We finished season 1 of Gossip Girl now, yay! Haha. Now I think we’re ready for S2E2. The Glee season premier was also on tonight, I forgot about it though! Dammit!

Oh, when I woke up this morning and went and checked on Hercules, I noticed the temperature was pretty cold for him and I was all “damn!” and then I noticed that he’d tried to drag his whole bedding sheet thing into his igloo 😛 He’s a funny one.

Finding it hard to keep his cage at a good temperature though. Tonight I put a blanket thing around the back of the cage, and there’s a space heater on on the coffee table, which warmed it up a lot! But I’m worried it’ll warm it up TOO much.. I know when I had it on tonight it was sitting at about 24-25 depending on which way I faced the heater, and once I put the sheet at the back, it went up to about 26.2 pretty quickly :S we’ll see how it goes tonight though I guess.

Anyways. Can’t wait for this assignment to be over with. Then I’m presuming I have uni holidays or something, I’m not even sure?? Either way.. Yay!

Alrighty, I’m off. Sort of. Just waiting for mum.. then I’ll be heading to bed! Cause I’m tired! 😦

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