Day 156

Hey hey..

So I worked today, as per usual. Pretty averagely slow day. Can’t think of too much interesting that happened there today really. But after work, I walked over to Pet Smart to look for a ‘Snuggle Safe’ disc for Hercules. No luck there. Tomorrow I’m going to call a few other stores and see if they’ve got them and for about $20. Cause I saw them on eBay, for like $45! UM NO.

Went unicycling tonight too. Good fun. I can officially unicycle apparently. I got my “Unicycling license” which Adam wrote/made and gave to me HAHA. He wrote it with a sharpie, on an old envelope. I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow. It’s too cold and I’m too tired to get up and get it from my bag right now. But yeah, I was unicycling all over the place tonight. Couldn’t make the distance Heidi was trying to make me go though, but I got close! Good fun 🙂

Came home, watched another episode of Gossip Girl. Then yeah, not much else really. Assignment is complete I’m pretty sure, gonna hand it in tomorrow some time! Yay! That’s such a relief. Now I can do other important stuff.. like sort out Hercules, and book our USA trip!

Anywhoo, I’m gonna head off to bed.  Very tired. Goodnight!

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