Day 157

Pretty chilled day today. It’s my day off, so I decided just to chill and not do anything important all day! Assignment’s done so I had time to catch up on everything else.

I also won Gossip Girl season 3 on DVD from MUCH MUSIC via a Twitter contest! Haha! Pretty simple, just had to retweet something to be in the draw, and, I won. LOL. So that’s pretty good considering we’re watching every season currently!

Also sorted out some more stuff for our trip, MGM is booked! Made a change to our plans, no longer spending another night in Vegas, we’re going to fly out late that night and get to New York in the morning, the day/time we were planning to leave Vegas. Works out I think..

Also went upstairs tonight, had to break the news to the land lords that we’ve got Ashley & Sarah coming.. but that Ashley will only really be there for a whole month. And then after that it’s 4 of us until May. They actually were okay with it. We’d totally expected to be told that’s it no more time to go etc.. but nope, all is good! So we’re happy! It’s just going to be nice and crowded in the house…….. Going to seriously need to up our fridge size, and kitchenware numbers and all that jazz..

Hmm.. what else.. I pulled Hercules out of his cage for a sit on my lap for awhile. He tried to explore and get off my lap but I had to keep him there with the sheet lol he’s such a little explorer, yet I’ve got nothing set up for him to explore! 😦 Gotta alter his cage soon..

Pretty much it really.. Gonna head off to bed now I think. Night!

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