Day 158

Worked. The usual routine really. As always, very tiring. There was a really cool dog tonight

After work, I bought some kitty litter for Hercules.. which I was too tired/lazy to sort out tonight lol tomorrow hopefully. I bought a scooper thingy too lol. Now to get to a dollar store and buy some pan/tray type things and some clips then I can fix his cage up some more.. Also need to buy a damn “ceramic heat emitter” they’re pretty expensive, just for the bulb thing itself. Then gotta get a clamp thingy to put it into.. expensive little hedgie! But if I want to make sure he’s not going to freeze.. then it’s gotta be done!

Not much else happened really, came home, showered, ate, prepared my lunch for tomorrow.. nothing exciting. Watched another 2 episodes of Gossip Girl. Also watched “Food Inc” I think it’s called. Interesting. Thought I missed half of it cause I was in the shower.

Anywhooo.. I’m gonna go head to bed, I’m tired. Night!

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