Day 159


Worked, again. Story of my life! Blogging is so boring these days cause it’s just “worked” … ahhhh. Anyways, there was some really cute dogs in today. One was a little dachshund x something. Such a cute little dog. Then there was a tiny tiny little chihuahua who wouldn’t take a little treat from me until I broke it into several pieces. That’s how small he was ahaha. The woman was surprised he was letting me pat him too, apparently he’s not very good with new people, but he was getting right into me patting him haha funny little thing.

Then a bit later, there was a little yorkshire terrier. He was only about 4 and a half months old apparently, but he was very well behaved and he could sit, shake a paw, AND lay down. It was good 🙂 So he was spoiled with treats. Also a big doberman in the morning who was loving the pats from me, then when I gave her a treat, she turned into a big energetic puppy jumping all over the place for more treats ahaha. Such a big dog, slobbered everywhere too.

After work, I was off to meet Heidi & Dom at one of the stations to go to some “Moon festival” it was really weird. Like, really weird. Totally awkward. Was NOT enjoying being there…. so we convinced Heidi that we should leave ahaha. Then we went to subway back near work, cause the owner had come in to work today and asked us if we’d been to that subway. We said no, and he asked us why not. We told him we just haven’t got around to it… and he gave us a free voucher thing. Scoreeeeee. So that was my dinner. LOL.

Other than that.. the day was pretty average. When we got home I showered, then made my salad for lunch tomorrow.. then we watched another 2 episodes of Gossip Girl. I also set up Hercules litter properly now. Using “yesterdays news” kitty litter. Supposedly works for them.. we’ll see in the morning!

Oh, I’ve also decided it’s super hard to work in a pet store, and not have a dog 😦 There’s so much stuff there I just want to buy and spoil my dogs.. But no, I can’t. 😦 It sucks. I miss my dogs!

Okay, better head off to bed. Working again tomorrow.. Although, technically, it’s my birthday in a few hours…!


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