Day 160

Happy Birthday to me!

Technically, it’s my 19th birthday today. I’ve been around for 19  years today. However, legally in Canada.. it’s tomorrow. Sucky. Either way, two birthdays, technically. 😉

I was woken up at 7am this morning, midnight Aus time, by Melanie. Who sent me 19 emails saying happy birthday. Smart eh? So that was 15 minutes less sleep I got! Haha 😛 But it was cool. Then I got up, headed off to work.

Work was slow. Very slow. But it got busy here and there. With 6 of us on, and nothing at all to do.. it was harsh. But eventually it was over with, and then I came home.. Made some dinner, watched 2 more episodes of Gossip Girl, and just chilled really.

Tomorrow is my birthday here, yet I’m not planning on doing anything. I really need to get out to the bank, but it’s my day off, AND my birthday, I just want to be lazy. I still want to get out to Crystal Mall too and buy an Acekard 2i for my Nintendo DSi. I don’t even remember how much they were there, but I can’t be bothered finding a good one online at this point. And I’m bored. But eh.

We’re trying to work out where to go for dinner tomorrow night, Lexi was gonna go somewhere with us. But I really have no idea anywhere where I want to go, I’m really not fussed at all. So I have no idea what’s happening with that really. But I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Other than that, nothing else exciting going on. Gonna go shower now, then head to bed.

Thanks for the birthday wishes to those who have already done so. 🙂


    • Step Dad
    • September 27th, 2010


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