Day 161


Hellooo! It’s my birthday, if you can’t tell. I woke up at about 8am, damn internal body clock. I guess I’m just used to waking up early now for work 😦 anyways, had breakfast, then Heidi woke up and brought in my box of stuff from Mum in. Opened it up and inside was two tubes of Colgate triple action toothpaste, 3 Curly Wurlys, 2 Flakes, an expanding hand towel thing? A bag of cola bottles, a jar of Promite, and a jar of Nutella! Yummyyyyy.

Heidi also bought me a toasted sandwich maker, and told me to have that for lunch. She bought it ages ago apparently, and has already had one and it was great apparently LOL. I was excited. I got up and got ready too and headed for the bus at the same time Heidi did. Got the bus with her to New West, she went to work, and I went about my day.

First off, I went to the bank to deposit my pay slip from PNE and from my first week of work. After that, I must have got slightly carried away, cause I went to the dollar store and bought some things for Hercules. I got him a baking tray thing, which will be his new litter pan. Also got a working timer to use for the light on his cage so it will give him exactly 12-14 hours of daylight a day! (I think it’s set on 14 hours? I’m not too sure) Also bought little container things like for art stuff, I think they’re made to hold beads and buttons or something, but I’ve got his food in each of the compartments. One for each day of the week πŸ˜€ Actually, there’s only 6 so he can’t eat one day MWUHAHAHA. Kidding.. I also bought some more zap straps so I can alter his cage when I get some more free time.

After the dollar store, I jumped on the bus and went to Metrotown to go to Crystal Mall, aka Bangkok. I felt so out of place being there by myself, not only was I the only Caucasian, but I felt like I was towering over everyone. I could just picture myself being filmed walking around there, like when you see people walking around Asia and they’re so out of place and tall..

I was trying to get an Acekard 2i at Crystal Mall, cause I could have sworn I saw it for $25 when we were there last time, but apparently it’s $55. So I decided against that. Back to looking online for it. Which I’ve found, for $14.95. Silly rip off stores!

After my failed attempt at the Acekard, I headed back to New West so I could go buy some cereal and conditioner and some fruit, but when I left the shops I realized I’d forgotten to get conditioner, but instead I got some yogurt, cantaloupe (rockmelon), oranges, apples, and some frozen broccoli/pasta/cheese stuff.. And headed home!

By the time I got home I was starving, and wanting a toasted sandwich! However, Dom had eaten the last of the bread while I was out.. so there went that idea. So instead I had one of my frozen meal things. And that was that.

This afternoon, a delivery man came to our door with a thing of flowers and a basket of stuff for me. It was awkward, I didn’t know who it was from! He was like “someone must really like you!” then I opened it and it said from Mum, Monte, Kahni & Jordy and he laughed haha. Awkward. Totally had no clue what it all was. I’ve since opened the basket of stuff though, it all seems posh or something, never heard of any of it really lol. I don’t actually even know what a truffle is, but there seems to be a lot of them in there! Are you trying to fatten me up Mum? I think I have enough chocolate supply to last me the rest of my Canada stay.. LOL. The flowers also came with a little bear, which we’ve named Ritz. I also saw these little shirts that you stick to the window in your car, for the Vancouver Canucks, and when I saw them I was thinking Mr. Big (the Big W bear) could wear one, but it would be a bit big on him, so I didn’t buy one. But Ritz is probably the perfect size for it! So next time I’m in New West I’m totally buying one! This was it,

They also have the ones in the blue colour too, maybe I should get one of each!

We went out for dinner tonight too, with Lexi as well. We went to an Italian restaurant up by Lougheed mall, I forgot it’s name, well I just can’t spell it or say it but it started with A. Heidi and I got a vegetable lasagna, we had it split in half to share, cause it was $16! Haha. It was really nice though. Afterwards we spent ages trying to figure out how to split the bill between the 4 of us, and eventually the waitress just said she could split it for us LOL so she did. That worked well. Then Dom was insisting he wasn’t going to pay a tip, cause it’s not a tip if he’s “forced” to pay it and such. But in the end everyone just came to an agreement lol. We’re now going to call it “SDTE tax” as in, Sit Down To Eat tax, so that Dom & everyone know that they’re obliged to pay it if they’re wanting to go to a restaurant.

Anywhooo.. after dinner, we walked back to the station and got the bus home. When we got home Heidi handed me my last present, also from her, which was a thing of Milo!! Om nom nom! So needless to say, I had some Milo. Although, it wasn’t really Milo-like, it was more very very very chocolatey, but lacking the Milo-ness. But still was yum. We also watched another episode of Gossip Girl, as usual.

And that’s basically it for the day that was my birthday. Nothing overly exciting, but I made sure it was more eventful than just sitting at home. Now I’m probably going to head to bed, and then get ready for a whole day at work as usual tomorrow. Night every! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the presents πŸ™‚

    • g-ma
    • September 28th, 2010

    Two birthdays Jess, well here’s a third

    Sounds like you’re having a good time

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