Day 162


Today I had to get up for work, I know, it was sucky. Nice and early. In the pathetic rain too nevertheless. Went to work and what not. Met a little dog today, he was a Shih Tzu x Maltese too, just like Gizmo. Except this one was still only the size of a puppy, even though he was over a year old! Lucky thing got to stay small forever! He was a very cute dog, he was in acting school apparently. So he could wave and wipe his face and stuff like that, his waving was so cool 😀 I love how well trained all the dogs are that come in. If I had a dog here, it’d be in acting school too! Haha!

After work I came home, got changed quickly, and basically headed out again. Tonight we went to an Aussie bar & grill downtown called “Mooses Down Under” It was pretty quiet by the time we got there, at about 8.30. We didn’t realize the kitchen closed at 9 so lucky we got there when we did. I had a veggie burger, and it was gooood! Pretty beasty, next time I would get it without the onions. Other than that, it was good!

They had AFL jerseys around the place there too, unsigned though, lame. They were also playing Aussie music, and Shannon Noll came on.. I forgot that guy even existed. HAHA. It was pretty cool there though. The lady asked us if we’re coming down for the AFL game on Friday night! So I really want to, Dom doesn’t, but Heidi doesn’t mind going. It would be a crazy experience hanging out in there, jam packed with Aussies watching the SECOND grand final of the season! So I’m pretty sure we’re gonna go do that and hope we can squeeze in there somewhere when it’s packed as!

But yeah, that’s my day really. Got a day off tomorrow though, then unicycling providing the weather is alright. I left my umbrella at work! So I’m concerned for the weather on Thursday. I’m screwed if it rains Thursday morning, which knowing my luck, it will. Perhaps I should buy a new umbrella. My current one is pretty broken anyways lol, handle doesn’t even stay on haha.

Okay, I’m off. Nighttt.

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