Day 163

Had a nice bludgy day today, I’ve missed that. I basically laid in bed all day watching episodes of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager that I missed after our TV died back in July! So that was fun. Still gotta catch up on Pretty Little Liars too! Also wouldn’t mind watching Hellcats – cos it’s filmed here and I set stalked 😀 Not that I saw much, cause the others didn’t want to stick around long.

For lunch, I had a toasted sandwich, which wasn’t so great on brown bread D: and I had premiums with Promite!!!! Totally epic. I also had a truffle from the basket of random chocolates and stuff that came with the flowers. ANDDD I had a Curly Wurly!! Yum. I know, terrible lunch. But it was so worth it.

Then it was unicycling night, so we went down and I hung out with the jugglers for awhile in the beginning, before it got dark. Only juggled for a little bit, ended up talking to this one guy there who introduced himself as “Sunshine”. At least, that’s what I coulda sworn he said! He was a big black guy, with dreadlocks. He also lived out of his travel backpack thingy, and he’d just gotten back from hitch hiking around America. He had some cool stories, I’m pretty jealous really. I don’t think I’d be able to just do that though, I’m a girl too. One of the other guys there he was talking to said I fit the perfect profile for one of the ones that “go missing”  but ‘Sunshine’ is lucky, cause he’s a big black dude with dreds! – No I’m not being offensive, that’s how Sunshine kept referring to himself.

But yeah, pretty cool.. He said I should just grab a friend and get a dog and carry mace or a knife around and just hitch hike all over. So cool. And see, GET A DOG! Haha 🙂 Oh, Sunshine was also demonstrating to a younger girl, Ariel, how to do dreads, cause she’s been trying to do hers. And he was demonstrating on my hair LOL. It’s okay though, I have no dreads from it. But it was interesting LOL.

When it got darker, everyone moved on to unicycling. But there wasn’t any left for me really to use, so I just watched for awhile. Eventually Adam gave his to Ariel to use, and said he’d ride around on his electric bicycle, the one that has a huge tray/crate thing on the front to put all the unicycles in. It’s hard to explain it if you don’t see it, but it’s pretty strong and kinda big, they put all the unicycles in there to ride them to and from the place we all go. So it’s pretty cool. But anyways, I got in there. LOL. And it’s electric, and gets up to about 30 or 35kms per hour apparently at top speed, so we were cruising around the area in that! HAHA. Pretty cool. I think we rode around in that for like an hour. At points we picked up other unicyclers, but no one else was really too game to get in! Heidi did at one point lol.

I never actually rode a unicycle tonight, shame. But Heidi & Dom wanted to leave to go to Dairy Queen, so we left, but on our way Dom decided he felt sick, so we skipped DQ and just went home. And that’s pretty much it. It’s almost midnight now, so I should head off to sleep. Work at 9.30 😦 Sigh. Goodnight!

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