Day 165


Worked again today, as always. It was tiring. I was too tired to go to the AFL grand final game downtown, so I just figured I’d come home. It’s not like Heidi & Dom wanted to go anyways.

I ended up meeting Heidi at the Olympic Warehouse thing after I finished work tonight, and we went and had a look around. It’s a warehouse full of heaps of olympic stuff on clearance and stuff. Heaps of left overs. So we browsed in there. Everyone who goes there gets a free plush toy thing of one of the mascots haha. Then I bought a badge, it’s one with 2 flags, a Canada one & an Australian one and also says “Vancouver 2010” so it’s pretty cool. Also got a bear & a moose teddy thing, and Heidi got a bigger moose teddy haha.

And then we came home. I showered, had dinner, and then we sat down to watch Gossip Girl again. I also took our rent up to Richard and had a bit of a chat to him. Other than that, pretty average day. Again. Gonna head off to bed after this episode, night!

    • g-ma
    • October 2nd, 2010

    Jess and I quote “Worked again today, as always.”
    Now, now Jess is just seems like ‘always’!

    Hey ‘somebody’ take a look at the google ad here, it is 🙂

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