Day 166


I’m pretty tired. I had to get up before 7am! Cause I started at 9am today, not 9.30. It was harsh. Anyways, I got there at 8.30 unfortunately, too early. I was so tired that I ended up super confused because I saw two items.. one was $1.49 per can, and $35 something per case. The other was $1.45 per can, and $34 per case. For some reason, I thought $1.49 was cheaper than $1.45.. I think I thought $1.49 was $1.44 because I was saying it was 1c cheaper than the other one, but why was the case price more than the other.. LOL. Adam was also very confused as to why I didn’t get it. And I was confused why he didn’t understand what I was going on about!

So yeah, clearly I was REALLY tired D: I don’t even know how that happened lol. Pretty bad. Other than that I spent a good portion of the day stocking shelves. Got an epic arm work out I’m sure.

Came home, all that jazz. Nothing exciting really. Dom is sick with a cold.. and now I feel sick. It’s crap. Not happy. Going to kick someones ass.

It’s tough working at a pet store, I have a mental list in my head of things I want to buy for my “puppy”. It’s bad. LOL. I’ve also decided that I wanna get a puppy/dog and train it heaps and put it into acting! đŸ˜®

Anywhoo! This episode of Gossip Girl is almost over, then it’s off to bed! Night!

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