Day 167


Went to work, as usual! Chatted with my fellow co-workers as normal on slow days haha. Eventually picked up a little bit. Some cute dogs came in today.. also some ugly ones.. lol. Two little Pomeranians just like Roger came in! Very cute.. Made me a bit sad. They were the same colour and everything, just different tail/butt and face shape, but Roger nevertheless.

Very glad to finally have a day off again tomorrow. I plan to sleep in, and then go bank my pay check, and hope that my cereal is on sale at Safeway, cause I’m all out! I also need some conditioner.. can’t think of much else really. More apple juice maybe? Oh my life/blog has become so exciting that I talk to it about groceries. Shoot me!

There’s an Aussie woman who’s come in to Tisol twice now recently, she’s moving back to Aus and taking her Labrador with them. Apparently going to cost them about $2k all up. She advised me not to get a dog here lol I’m starting to think that she doesn’t seem to like her dog as much as her husband does.. it’s him who insists on taking the dog home. Sigh. Wish I had some epic money D: But yeah, the lady has been here for 10 years now! She’s got a baby too. But they’re moving back to Aus. I don’t know if her husband is Canadian or Aussie, but they’re going home. Her accent is still really strong too, it’s kinda weird talking to her. I thought she was English at first!

Anywayss… I’m really tired, and something is up with my eye. I’m really hoping it’s not a sty.. Where have all my allergy meds and eye drops got to? Haven’t needed them the whole time I’ve been here! But might be a good idea to bring them out.. I had some Advil last night & this morning, to try and fight off any cold I may have been getting from Dom, who’s still sick. He’s now coughing too. I don’t want to get sick! Ugh!

Alrighty. I’m off. Nightt!

    • g-ma
    • October 3rd, 2010

    You do make me smile

    love you

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