Day 168

Last night, I had a dream involving me going to Elanor Waldorf’s wedding, which Blair wasn’t invited to.. and on the way I encountered suicidal zombies. It’s not the first dream I’ve had about zombies. I’m concerned. I don’t remember my dreams as well here though, or maybe I do, I just don’t tell them soon enough in the day to remember it later..?

Anywhoo.. I tried to sleep in, but no. Instead I woke up at 8.30, with a swollen eye. Yep, lucky me. No stye or anything, just swollen upper eyelid. It’s a bit red too. Kind of really sucks. I felt it sore yesterday, like it felt bruised if I touched it or blinked too hard. And now it’s swollen & red. So I did the warm compression on it, and eye drops. Still there though. I really hope it gets better over night, not worse.. I have work tomorrow!

I banked my pay today, then went to the Thrift store, then to Value Village. Just browsing really. I tried on some pants at Value Village but in the end left with nothing cause really, I don’t like clothes shopping haha. I just know I need some warmer clothes.. Sigh.

I ended up meeting Heidi after work back in New West and we jumped on a bus and went to the station to go to Metrotown. We’ve decided it’s great having a bus pass, we don’t have a time limit on tickets so we can take as long as we want! It’s great! We looked in a store for which Lexi gave me a gift card to for my birthday. We found a hoodie for me lol. Heidi picked it out. It’s more than the gift card though, so I still do have to spend some money on it. But nevertheless. Next time I’m at Metrotown hopefully I’ll remember to take the gift card with me.

We also went and got Qoola yogurt thingy.. I think that’s what it’s called? I have no idea. But Heidi & Dom have had it several times now and I was yet to try it. So I did. It’s like, you pick a yogurt then you can add whatever candy or fruit on it that you want. I think I had fruit loops, chocolate shavings, M&Ms, gummy worms, choc chips and strawberries on mine. Which at the bottom of all that had cookies & cream yogurt, and on top I had original. I didn’t really like the original yogurt though, the cookies & cream was wayy better.

After that we browsed the dollar store, then ended up at the Canadian Superstore to do our shopping. After buying a heap of stuff we went through the self serve and yeah. It’s always so busy at the superstore. It’s really annoying actually. It’s a HUGE store, and it’s always SOOO busy. Lucky them.

After all thattt we finally got on the bus and came home. I cleaned out Hercules’s cage tonight too. Changed his bed sheet over, cleaned his wheel, changed his litter, AND I even gave him a bath too! Richard came down cause he had to sort something out with the switches in the main power room thingy that’s down here, and he also came and had a look at Hercules in the bath. He was pretty fascinated by him. He hasn’t really had a chance to see him yet cause Hercules is always sleeping and hiding, but in the bath tub hedgehogs are totally different! So he was walking/swimming around and when he’s in there you can touch him, pat him, whatever! Cause he can’t curl up into a ball to hide from you while in the water, so it’s great šŸ™‚ I was picking him up and everything. Attempted bonding experience I say.

After his bath, I put him in a towel and then sat on the couch with him on my lap. I put his bowl of food on me too so that he could eat it at the same time. Apparently that helps them know that you mean no harm and what not if they can be safe to eat their food while on you. He’s very adventurous. He was climbing up the wall of his other little cage too when I placed him in there while cleaning his main cage. Silly thing. He never did that when he had to live in there! Maybe he was just tryna climb back to his big mansion šŸ˜›

Dinner on my lap – yes I covered myself with a towel because a) he digs. And b) he might have pooped on me!

Other than that, we watched more Gossip Girl. I think we must be nearing the end of season 2. Then it’s on to the season 3 set which I won. Yayyy. Not sure what we’ll watch once GG is done. Maybe True Blood? Everyone seems to talk very highly of that.. Or you know, we could watch Jersey Shore??? HAH!

Alrighty, I’m off to try and heal this eye while I sleep? Night!

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