Day 169

Wow, it’s 9.30pm and I’m heading to bed.. The other two have gone to bed too, and I have nothing better to do so I figured I’d go to sleep too. Might as well.

Went to work.. It was 8 degrees when I left home this morning. SO COLD. And it was foggy too, I noticed on the skytrain the fog and I was all “wow!” haha Nicole thought it was funny. Oh, in case I haven’t mentioned.. Nicole is the other new girl at work, we also catch the same bus to work and we generally work the same days so we’re always transiting to and from work together haha. Anywhooo. It was cold. Such a nice day out though, like sunny and everything. But, 8 degrees!

A Yorkie came in to work today. Super cute 😀 She was tryna jump up on to the counter, and kept failing. It reminded me of Gizmo cause he always would try and jump on everything and fail ahaha. I totally want a Yorkie! With short hair only. Never will I ever let it have long hair lol. Also 3 dogs came in, they were 75% wolf, and the rest husky. Very nice dogs. One was the mother, and she had one brown & one blue eye, and the other 2 were her 5 month old pups, who were huge already mind you! And one of the pups had the brown & blue eyes, but opposite to the mums. It was pretty neat.

It was a pretty slow day overall. I was using this stuff that’s really good for pet wounds and eye wash stuff. I’ve been spraying it on my messed up finger most days generally, and today I used the eye wash stuff and put some drops in my swollen eye. I think it helped. Everyone at the store uses it lol it’s supposedly really good. Even though it says “animal use only” they just want you to buy their more expensive “people” version!

Everyone keeps asking me why I’m here working for $10 an hour, when at home I could be getting like $16-18 an hour, and work less hours, and make more money! Maybe when I come home I’ll join a traveling carnival, or work at a pet store? I dunno. Actually I would also like to work at the Movie World studios thing even. Meh, still ages away before I have to think about that. Looking forward to everyone getting here, then going on our trip! So exciting! 😀 Can’t believe it’s only 36 days until Sarah & Ashley get here either. Wow. Crazy!

Anywhoo, I’m gonna go and head to bed. Night!

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