Day 171

This is going to be a pathetic blog, cause it was a pathetic day. But basically I didn’t sleep well last night, being sick and all. And I tried to sleep as much as I could today, but ended up only really sleeping all afternoon. When I got up to have a shower, I felt heaps sick. Like I wanted to throw up too, and now my head hurts from trying. TMI, I know. Haha!

Anywhoo.. Made a toasted sandwich & a also had a mandarin for dinner cause I didn’t have the energy to stand around the kitchen and cook anything. Think I’m going to go back to sleep again in a few minutes. I was contemplating calling in sick for work, but I’m hoping I’ll be okay by the morning so I can go in.. :S I guess we’ll know in the morning!


    • poppy
    • October 8th, 2010

    Hope you shake that wog soon.Love your blog.

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