Day 172

Still super sick 😦 but feeling better than I did yesterday. I had to cancel work today, sucks. But I have to go in tomorrow, need to save all the monies I can!

I spent the day in bed, playing sudoku.. I beat the expert level in 6 minutes something, my new record. I need a life! Haha. What else.. uhmm.. Watching more Gossip Girl. Makes me very excited for New York! Also found out about the Jingle Ball in New York which will be on the night of the 10th! OUR LAST NIGHT THERE. Totally tempted to go.. We’ll keep an eye on that I guess.

Not much else really.. Gonna finish this episode and then head to bed I think. Try and shake the cold off a bit more for work tomorrow. Ugh. Alrighty, night!

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