Day 173

Work. Work. Work!

Went to work, still sick. Feeling much better though. It was a long day. Played with some dogs, as usual. Good fun. Not much else though really.

It was raining heaps this afternoon, and heavy. Came home in it, then showered cause I was cold and wet. Sat down with dinner, watched more Gossip Girl – Almost finished season 3! Heidi had been playing Frontierville again ALLL DAYY. So I joined in when I got home lol. Such a hard life being a farmer. HAHAHA.

Nothing else really. I’m very tired from “farming” and my eyes are tired. Going to send myself to bed now! It’s Thanksgiving day on Monday, so we’ve decided we’re going to make a vegetarian lasagna and have some pumpkin pie!

Oh, speaking of pumpkin.. Nerissa told me to try some of these dog treats today, that were all organic ingredients/pumpkin flavored. Don’t worry, no meat, really. A lot of the treats there are good enough for people to eat, and a lot of people there do eat them or have tried them. I’ve only tried one other pumpkin treat and it was gross and dry. But this one was actually REALLY good, I think cause it had sugar apparently. When dog treats really shouldn’t have sugar lol. They were also shaped like teddies, so bigger than normal tiny teddies, but yummeh. So we were eating them all day.. Terrible, I know.

Anywhoo.. Off to bed. Night!

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