Day 174


Worked today! It was very slow.. and I finished off the packet of those dog treats.. Too yum. I was sad when I finished the bag LOL Nerissa wont be happy with me tomorrow when she realizes there’s none left! HAHA.

Teri, my manager, made pumpkin pie the other day and it was in the fridge. Everyone had been talking about it all weekend saying how good it was. So today I finally decided to try some, and thinking it went in the microwave.. this is what I pulled out..

Oops? The whole thing melted.. HAHA.

So, didn’t get to try that. Obviously.

Dom was making chicken for dinner tonight, in the oven. And I heard some weird chirping noises. I was like omg the chicken is still alive! So I took a video of it, cause it was weird!


I also made vegetarian lasagna for dinner. Om nom.

Okay, I’m off. Night.

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