Day 175

Happy Thanksgiving! (Guess what, I get two Thanksgiving’s this year! Beats the usual zero!)

I had my day off today, so I took it easy and stayed home all day & just relaxed really 🙂 I cleaned Hercules cage out, I’ve noticed he seems to refuse to poo in the litter stuff that I bought, so I’m trying some paper towels, and if they work, I’ll have to return the cat litter stuff I bought. Sigh! Silly hedgehog.

I spent awhile looking up things to do in the cities we’re going to be visiting, mainly LA & NY cause we’re there the longest. Found a couple of interesting things. Very excited! It’s only less than 30 days until Sarah & Ashley get here! And something like 39 until the trip! YAY! Finally, the blog will get more interesting!

Heidi worked 9-12 today, strangely she was home early, but she had to work again 4.30-7. Time & a half pay too cause the holiday, but it was so quiet during the day they sent her home. So while she was home, we played two rounds of monopoly. Both of which, I was bankrupt first (moreso I conceded defeat with all Dom’s hotels! I couldn’t pay the rent. LOL) and Dom won both rounds.. lucky.

Just watched two more episodes of Gossip Girl. We’re almost finished season 3! Oh noes! Now what will I do haha. I’ve worked out a little list of things I need to buy for the trip as well. Right now the list basically just stands at: Acekard 2i for my Nintendo DSi.  A lot of time in airports, I’m sure it will give me lots of time to play on the DSi! Also need a wall charger for my iPod, seeing as no one is taking a laptop – I’ll need to charge my iPod somehow. My iPod is also going to be the only source for blogging! Kinda sucky, but must blog somehow! I’m going to take my phone, for emergency use I guess, and I can use the wifi on it.. but I can use the wifi on my iPod too. BUT the phone has a camera, so I’ll be able to upload some photos then at times. I’m pretty sure I need to get a proper case thing for the phone as well, like the flip leather case I’ve got for the iPod.. So exciting planning for the trip! Ahh!

Oh, I was also talking to mum about the carnival games business idea. Really considering it for when I return to Aus. I have no problem driving around parts of Aus with carnival games! I get to be my own boss, have fun with carnival stuff (cause we all know I enjoy it!) AND travel! And if it’s only games it could seriously all fit into the back of a ute & trailer. The only problem is staff, which won’t all fit in as well. LOL. Plus places to stay.. Guess I’ll just buy a big bus, someone can drive it around, and then another person drive the ute & trailer 😉 HAHA.

Yeah, and it’s Thanksgiving today. Not that we did anything special. But Heidi & I had some pumpkin pie. Yep!

Anywhooo.. Not sure if we’re going to watch another episode of Gossip Girl or not, but either way. Should head to bed soon. Night!

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