Day 176

Super tired! Worked today. When I went to go to bed last night, I checked the roster thinking I may be working 11.30 not 9.30, but apparently I wasn’t even rostered on. So I was pretty excited. But then I got a message from Nerissa asking if I was working.. cos on her roster I apparently was. Sigh. So we sorted that all out, and turns out, I was working. LOL. By the time I got to bed then it was closer to midnight. Sucks. So I was tired this morning, as you could imagine.

Went to work. It was a slow day. Yep. Thought about carnival ideas all day. Super excited haha, I totally want to do it now! Right now! Yeah! For realz.

Nothing exciting really went down today.. Getting much closer to Ashley & Sarah arriving.. then trip time! Oh my! I should start to think of packing?! Can’t wait! And I said to mum the other night that I’m totally cooking vegetarian lasagna for Christmas in the States. 😀 Fun fun!

Ahhh.. Anyways, gonna head to bed and play more sudoku for awhile before I fall asleep. Night!

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